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100th Birthday of Kirk Douglas- Celebrations with Hollywood Stars

Yesterday, the 100th birthday of Kirk Douglas, the fanous Hollywood actor was celebrated. Kirk Douglas is known for his role in the famous film, Spartacus. He also starred in other famous films such as Paths of Glory and Lust of Life. The birthday of Kirk Douglas was celebrated in a Beverly Hills Hotel. His friends and family were present on the occasion. His wife Anne Douglas, who has been with him for more than 62 years was also alongside.

Kirk Douglas became a major star in the Hollywood in the 1950s. He also has been a Hollywood Royalty member.

100th Birthday of Kirk Douglas
Kirk Douglas with Family

Preceding at 100th Birthday of Kirk Douglas

His daughter-in-law Catherine Zeta-Jones, lit 12 candles on cake. She said that she is glad that there are not 100! Then she led the “Happy Birthday” song along the other guests and a string quartet.

As Kirk Douglas was seated listening to the word from his close ones, picture from his famous films were played in background. Michael Douglas, son of Kirk Douglas, said that the most incredible thing about his Dad’s life is his third act. He said that his dad accomplished so much during his career and then came a point in his life where he faced adversities. He lost a son, had a helicopter crash, faced a stroke, but still he kept steadfast. His son said that he found it incredible. In response Kirk Douglas said joking that he is not sure for whom his son was giving nice remarks.

The youngest son of Kirk Douglas, Eric Douglas, died in 2004 at the age of 46. He was having alcohol and drug problems. He also has two other sons, Peter and Joel Douglas. Both of them are producers. Kirk Douglas also has 7 grandchildren. The Rabbi and doctor of Kirk Douglas, also present on the occasion, once promised him that if he lives 100 years, then he will have a glass of Vodka.

Don Rickles, actor and comedian also lightened the event with his jokes in a respectful mood. He said that that he wished that God may give Kirk 100 more years. Steven Spielberg, famous director, also paid tribute on 100th birthday of Kirk Douglas. He said that he has been directing movies and show for 47 years and he has worked with the best. But only Kirk is the true movie star he ever came across, because he had something which other do not have.

100th Birthday of Kirk Douglas
Steven Spielberg at the event

On the 100th birthday of Kirk Douglas, he himself thanked all the guests for coming. He was also happy on seeing most of his family members on the occasion.

Source :           ABC News

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