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Author Speaks Out About A Dog’s Purpose Viral Video

Author W. Bruce Cameron Speaks Out About A Dog’s Purpose Controversial Video

Author W. Bruce Cameron is the book’s author that inspired the movie A Dog’s Purpose. He is opened up about the controversial video of the set showing alleged animal abuse. The clip was leaked online on Wednesday which was showing what appears to be a handler forcing a German Shepard dog named Hercules into rushing water.

A Dog’s Purpose
A Dog’s Purpose

Cameron said in a statement, “I found the video to be shocking we’ve all seen because when I was on the set, everyone’s ethic was to provide comfort and safety to the dogs. If people who worked on the movie, edited and shot, thought something was wrong, instead of going to the authorities immediately, why did they wait 15 months to do anything.”

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The location was the issue instead of the water

He continued, “I have since viewed the shot of the day in question when I wasn’t there, it paints a different story, completely different from the picture. The commentary on the edited video is entirely mischaracterizing what happened. The dog was not thrown into the water and was not even terrified. I have seen the footage of Hercules joyfully jumping in the pool earlier that day. He balked when he was asked to do the stunt from the other side of the pool. And which was not how he had been doing it all day. To show the dog that it was ok, the mistake was to dip him in the water. The location was the issue instead of the water. And when Hercules was allowed to return to his original spot, he happily did the stunt.

A trainer and scuba diver there for his protection

He wrote, “When the dog’s head went under the water, I also didn’t like it. But there was a trainer and scuba diver there for his protection and safety. He wasn’t in danger or upset, instead, he loves the water.” An onset monitor with American Humane was placed on leave after this video was leaked. This group ensures the safety of the animals that are used in the TV productions and movies and awards “no animals were harmed” certification to movies. This group also said that it was the case “to conduct the investigation and bringing in an independent third party.”

A Dog’s Purpose
A Dog’s Purpose

No animals were harmed

Cameron wrote, “mistakes were made, and every step needs to be taken to make sure those faults are not repeated in a movie where the mantra was the comfort and safety of the dogs. But no animals were harmed as certified by the American Humane means no animal was harmed. I am proud of the values that show up in A Dog’s Purpose and I celebrate the rescue of the animal.”

Sad and Shaken Feelings over what transpired

The author was “disturbed” by the footage as he said on Facebook.
“I the studio is reviewing every single frame of the footage taken that day on my request. And they are interviewing the people who were present there,” he said at the time. The movie’s actors Josh Gad and KJ Apa, director Lasse Hallström and producer Gavin Polone have spoken out about the “sad and shaken” feeling over what transpired previously. The press event and the red carpet premiere of the film were canceled meanwhile.


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