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Akshay Helped Producer- A True Act of Kindness

Askhay Kumar is widely considered to be one of the best and genuine actors. Bollywood has seen a lot of him. Moreover Akshay Kumar always does the right things and for these he is loved by the fans. Just some time ago Akshay offered monetary help to the familiaes of the martyrs of the fatal attack in Uri sector. Now Akshay has won all of us again. This time Akshay helped producer Ravi Shrivastava.

Akshay Helped Producer- The Background

Mr Ravi Shrivastava was the first producer under whom Akshay Kumar worked. He was casted in the movie “Dwarpaal” by Mr Ravi. Although on paper the first movie of Akshay Kumar is “Saugandh”. But technically his first film is “Dwarpaal”, although this movie never came out. It was with the help of Ravi Shrivastava that Akshay was able to get both of these movies. It was the time when he was struggling.

Akshay Helped Producer
Ravi Shrivastava with Akshay Kumar

Akshay Helped Producer- The Story

Ravi Shrivastava produced over 250 films for Bollywood. The posters of the famous films Teri Meharbaniyan, Biwi Ho To Aisi and Hakumat were also produced by him. Sadly his name is now forgotten. Moreover he is now living a life of poverty and had some kidney problems for some time. Now he required a Kidney transplant, which he could not afford.

On Twitter a man named Sanyong Shrivastava, tweeted to Akshay Kumar. In his tweet he mentioned to Akshay that his old friend Shrivastava needed a kidney transplant. He also attached the following picture with the tweet.

Akshay Helped Producer
Ravi Shrivastava

Once Akshay Kumar noticed it, he was quick to reply. He tweeted back to Sanyong that his team has reached out to Mr Ravi. Moreover they have already taken care of him.

The Kidney transplant would cost around 17 Lakh. More respect for Akshay Kumar that he took care of it.

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