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Angelina Jolie is 90s Perfection

90s Perfection of Angelina Jolie

Who’s that girl?! Angelina Jolie hasn’t always been the A-list movie star, mother of six, and global humanitarian we know today. Twenty years ago – a full 10 years before she became one-half of the pop culture sensation known now as Brangelina – she was just a young model trying to work it in a shiny white alligator skin-esque pantsuit.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

Never-before-seen pictures of the Maleficent actress surfaced on Friday, June 12, a week after her 40th birthday. The photos were taken in 1995, when a then-20-year-old Jolie was on the cusp of breaking through with the movie Hackers.

The shots show the Unbroken director in all her mid-’90s glory, complete with a wine-colored pout, matching nails, and a short black wig with thick bangs. Fashion-wise, she’s wearing the aforementioned pantsuit and a pearl choker straight out of your ’90s dreams.

In some pics from the shoot, she sports wild reddish hair, haphazardly pinned up in various places to create kind of an Edward Scissor-hands look.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

Jolie started working as a model when she was a teen, not long after she dropped out of the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute. She got her big break the same year these photos were taken, when she starred opposite her then-future husband Jonny Lee Miller in Hackers. (The two were married from 1996 to 1999.)

After Hackers, she went on to have starring roles in Gia, Girl, Interrupted, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and, of course, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, where she met current husband Brad Pitt.

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  1. […] At the age of sixteen, Angelina Jolie’s career began with a modeling career and small roles in music videos. After taking a few small parts in videos and shorts, Angelina Jolie took a few small roles in movies that included Without Evidence, Hackers, Love is All There Is, and George Wallace. In 1998 came her big break. She starred in the tv movie Gia. After her outstanding performance in this dramatic movie, her career started to take off. She earned roles in the 1999 movies Pushing Tin, The Bone Collector, and Girl, Interrupted. Her role in Girl, Interrupted, where she played an emotionally disturbed teen with Winona Ryder, was another dramatic movie that helped to further Angelina Jolie’s career. She won several awards for this role and her career was catapulted after. She was also said to be the perfection of the 90s. […]

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