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Angelina Jolie Kids Begging Her To Reunite With Brad Pitt Again


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s split has been difficult to bear, especially for the six adorable children. After their getting their family shambled, they are absolutely devastated. Angelina Jolie kids are begging to reunite with Brad Pitt. Read the most EXCLUSIVE details here.

Angelina Jolie Kids Begging Her To Reunite With Brad Pitt..

The things are still messy and getting sorted out between estranged wife and Brad Pitt, 52. They have come up to a temporary custody agreement reportedly, where she will be having a sole physical custody and Brad Pitt would only be able to visit his children under the therapist supervision. But this has not also been easy for the Jolie brood. The kids are worried and devastated and confused too about their parents getting apart suddenly. Sources are telling that they are nagging their mother and forcing her to get back together with their father. Angelina Jolie kids are pushing to sort out the situation and bring back everything to normal.

She is not aiming to punish Brad..

Angelina filed for divorce of twelve years on Sept. 19 from her beau, mentioning “irreconcilable differences.” Brad became allegedly involved in the child abuse according to the reports when the actor got physical allegedly with Maddox, 15, during a flight to home recently from France. Even so, the actress is insisting that Brad does not punish for criminal charges and she is going to go radio silent in this matter if need be! Child and Family Services Department is currently investigating Brad, but she has no aim of punishing Brad as she just wants to keep their family out of any kind of trouble. Angelina does not want to go deep in the case and keep the family safe and sound.

Brad is still Cherishing the Magical memories…

Angelina Jolie kids

Brad is also submitting reportedly to drug tests on the random basis. Which he is agreed to without any break. Despite this, all the drama between a legendary couple of Hollywood, who met on the Mr. & Mrs. Smithback in 2004 set. Brad still have cherished her for the magical and sweet memories they’ve shared. “He still loves the Angelina,” a source told us previously. He shows no interest in rebound sort of things and is in no rush to begin the second relationship in his life too. Even if the relationship doesn’t rekindle once again. We are pretty much sure that he will find another way to do the best for their kids.

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  3. […] The close sources of Brad Pitt have also told that he is now trying to make himself a better man. He is doing it for the sake of his children. Moreover it is also being said that the children are begging Brad and Jolie to reunite. […]

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