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Angelina Jolie loves A Married Billionaire – Report

Angeline Jolie loves A Married Billionaire – Report

Angelina Jolie loves a Married Billionaire
Angelina Jolie

Are you prepared for the shocker Brangelina? Angelina Jolie loves a Married Billionaire behind the back of Brad Pitt. She allegedly falls in love with this man according to an Oct. 3 report. She has been meeting secretly with the person for the past six months. Was this the reason behind Angie’s filing for divorce?

A Heartbreak on Top of the Heartbreak! Angelina Jolie Loves a Married Billionaire

It is not less than a heartbreak after the previous heartbreak for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Sources are claiming that for the past six months Angelina betrayed Brad by seeing another handsome man. An insider disclosed “Angelina becomes love bird for another billionaire man and she had admitted to Brad. They were hiding their feelings but, whenever they could, they have been watching each other on the sly.” “As the time moved on their friendship transformed into something more.” ooh

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Who is this mystery man??

Angelina Jolie loves a Married Billionaire
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

So, who this mystery man is? “He is a philanthropist – His personal worth tops one billion dollars easily – and this wealthy person champions a lot of the same humanitarian caused that Jolie does,” the source further says. It seems like they are running in the same circles. “As such, they have been present on many of the state and charitable events,” the insider discloses. “His descent is Middle Eastern and is ruggedly handsome – though he got his education at Oxford in England – and there was an immediate attraction between Angelina and the wealthy man!” OMG! It looks like there is some strength in the story. Angelina Jolie Loves a Married Billionaire — is it really true?

Brad was blindsided and shocked after listening to her confession.

The mag claims that without any doubt Angelina had to reveal the truth to Brad about this hidden love. “Angelina came to Brad clean about this new Billionaire just a few days before the flight” the insider reveals about the private plane fateful flight at that Airport. This was specifically Minnesota Falls International Airport. “Brad was blindsided and shocked after listening to her confession. He got furious then. The source shares that “it was not pretty”. We are only able to imagine. Yes, we are talking about – Angelina Jolie Loves a Billionaire.

The source tells that the things are on the verge of getting tricky from here as there is nothing to say about this alleged secret romance story of Angelina. The source tells in conclusion “Brad Pitt is actually estranged from her Angie. But this will definitely come in the way of Angie down the road should the relationship moves on because Angelina refuses to grant him a divorce,”

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  1. […] recent Angelina Jolie news, we are reading that she not only is divorcing Brad Pitt, but she is in love with a married Middle Eastern billionaire. According to the rumors that are currently circulating, she fell in love with this billionaire […]

  2. […] Meanwhile in the Brangelina divorce case, a temporary custody agreement was reached upon. This document came out and according to the documents Jolie had the rights of custody. While Brad Pitt was given the right to visitation and he could also come to see his children during the therapy sessions. It was also mentioned that Pitt would have to submit random alcohol and drug tests. This agreement was just reached a few weeks after FBI closed the investigation regarding the alleged incident that took place on the private plane. During that time news also came out that Anglina Jolie loves a billionaire. […]

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