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Anwar Hadid and Nicola Peltz: Dating?

Anwar Hadid and Nicola Peltz: Friendship Turned Romantic! How??

Anwar Hadid and Nicola Peltz
Anwar Hadid and Nicola Peltz

New couple alert is here! Anwar Hadid and Nicola Peltz are dating now.
We can confirm that the little brother of Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid, Anwar Hadid-18-year-old boy is dating Nicola Peltz, a 22-year-old Transformers actress. This week they were photographed in Beverly Hills walking hand-in-hand. “They are in the season of dating. They are really fast friends and somehow belong to the same company of friends. It’s fairly a new relationship,” a source confirmed that.

Nicola Was Sitting on Anwar’s lap in the Photo

In fact, they have taken several pictures in the past with one of the famous pals like Nicola’s brother Will Peltz and Sofia Richie, but only recently they have been showing up on the hot and sparking their romance rumors.
Earlier this month, for example, Nicola shared a picture of both of them in which she is sitting on Anwar’s lap and thus they had people talking. And then she captioned the picture coyly “Taken-by-the-queen-@ellenvonunwerth.”
From the birthday dinner of Nicola, some videos are also surfaced. And these snaps seem to show the couple sitting next to each other at the table while holding their hands. This is an even more solid evidence of their romance.

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New Year’s kiss of the couple

Not only that, but a some of the fan accounts also captured the screenshots of the couple. And that appears to be the New Year’s kiss of the couple. So how did this relationship transform into romance from friendship? Well the first and foremost, on a platonic level, getting to know each other before starting the next step, the best way is to start out as a friend to forge a relationship. And for these young successful, attractive people the next reasonable and possible step is to give a shot of romance.

A couple who dresses up well together

Their similar creative interests that they have in them too, could have ignited even more attraction. Like his mama Yolanda Hadid and older sisters, Anwar’s career is focused toward modeling. And with roles in TV series like Bates Motel and roles in movies like Transformers as well as well as dabbled in the world of modeling, Nicola is an actress. They both of them are insanely fashionable, not to mention. You know what they are of the view about each other, a couple who dresses up well together….

Anwar Hadid and Nicola Peltz
Anwar Hadid and Nicola Peltz

Anwar Hadid and Nicola Peltz: Relations with Justin Bieber

In the spotlight, they have also face the fair share of their time. And they now very well about how to handle it. In Beverly Hills series, Anwar’s mother was on the Real Housewives. As well as his sisters, have also garnered their own name in the industry of modeling. On the other hand, Nicola has made a name through her famous company of friends, outside of acting, as well as her romantic relations with other persons like Justin Bieber.
Thus, by their relationship showing up in the headlines, they would not be taken back too. And, it’s bound to make waves, when you put two well-known and beautiful personalities together like this. Let’s face it. We are waiting to see the path that these love birds follow. We wish them to try the best one!


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