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Best Halloween Celebrations in the US

Halloween is a great event taking place all over the world. Everywhere on Halloween there is prevalence of ghostly and freewheeling spirit. People throw parties to their friends, visit haunted houses and children collect candies. All this is done to seek delight on this great occasions. You might surely be wondering about the best Halloween celebrations in the US this year. We have a great list of celebrations which you can attend.

1- Sleepy Hallow Halloween

This great event takes place in New York. If you are in New York for Halloween, you should surely visit it. The final resting place of the famous author Washington Irving is also at the Hollow Cemetery. You cannot miss out taking an evening lantern tour of the Sleepy Hallow.

Best Halloween Celebrations
Best Halloween Celebrations

2- West Hollywood Carnival

This great event takes place in Los Angeles. More than 500,000 visitors fill the Santa Monica Boulevard every year to attend the West Hollywood Carnival. It is also the world’s biggest street party on Halloween. The top celebrities from Hollywood also come to this event. Six stages are made and about 50 acts are performed. These acts set up the Halloween Spirit as the people march along the boulevard. All the clubs and bars attract the visitors too. It is a great event to attend on Halloween.

Best Halloween Celebrations
Best Halloween Celebrations

3- Festival of the Dead

This event takes place in Salem, Massachusetts. This place is surely in the mind of those who have gone through American history textbook. It is famous for the festival of the dead. Halloween activities prevail for a period of 31 days and more than half million people visit it. All the festivities of Halloween end at Salem Witches’ Halloween Ball which is at Hawthorne Hotel. Hundreds of people gather here to enlighten themselves with the spirit of Halloween.

4- Little Five Points Halloween Festival

This great festival takes place in Atlanta. The Little Five Points district is the hub of culinary culture and local arts. It also hosts the annual food festival here. On Halloween it is a great place to visit. Especially if you are living in Atlanta you should not miss it.

5- Emma Crawford Festival

This festival takes place at Manitou Springs in Colorado. It is a small town and has a population of 5200 people. It is home to the natural mineral springs. They were believed to possess healing powers. This attracted the famous pianist Emma Crawford in the year 1889 to cure herself. She dies two years later and she was buried on the summit of the Red Mountain. This town has been memorializing Emma Crawford since 1995. They are doing this by organizing the annual Emma Crawford festival which takes pace a week before the Halloween.

6- Halloween In New Orleans

This great Halloween event takes place in New Orleans. If you visit New Orleans on Halloween, you can easily avail guided tours through the haunted houses. The main celebrations are held in Faubourg Marigny neighborhood. You can easily get booze from the stalls and shops, often free. If you are in New Orleans for Halloween, then it will surely become a lifelong memory.

7- Las Vegas Halloween

In Las Vegas everyone wants have great time and the city has never failed to attract people. All the hotels in Las Vegas vie for doing great shows. Thousands of people come out to enjoy the Halloween. You will surely see people in some of the most diverse costumes. There are also many haunted houses which you can visit. Surely you will have a great time if you are looking to spend Halloween vacations in Las Vegas. It tightly deserves its place in the best Halloween celebrations in the US.

8- Halloween on Halsted

This awesome event takes place in Chicago’s Northalsted neighborhood. Everyone is welcome to attend the annual parade there. But everyone interested will have to register themselves. Costume competition is also held. There is a lot of hustle and bustle and surely it’s a great place to enjoy.

Best Halloween Celebrations- Conclusion

Now you must surely be aware of the best Halloween celebrations in US. If you are in any of the above cities, it is highly recommended that you visit the local celebrations. Otherwise if you have plans to visit some other city, make sure that you do not miss the above ones. Surely you will have an experience of a lifetime. No matter where you celebrate make sure you give away candies to children!

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