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Brangelina Divorce Case- Pitt’s Request Turned Down

Recently there has been a new progress in the Brangelina divorce case. The superstar Brad Pitt had filed for a hearing in a bid to get the documents sealed, which are involved his divorce with Angelina.

Lance Spiegel, the attorney of Brad Pitt confirmed to Set Entertainment that Pitt want to keep the documents private. This request by Pitt just came shortly after the documents regarding the temporary custody agreement went public.

Attorneys of both Angelina and Pitt came face to face in the court on Wednesday regarding the filing. Sources have confirmed that the judge had denied the request of Brad Pitt for an emergency hearing.

Brangelina Divorce Case
Brad and Angelia in happy times

Although the hearing of the Brangelina divorce case has been scheduled for January but Spiegel is optimistic. According to him Pitt still has a chance to get the documents private.

A source close to Brad Pitt has told that Angelina’s actions a are objectionable. She has been making public statements throughout, while Pitt is avoiding that. The source also confirmed that Pitt was very much concerned about the children while filing for keeping the documents private. Pitt’s source also included that Angelina was putting their children in “needless pain” by filing of documents and public statements. He does not want anything to happen which could affect his children.

Brangelina Divorce Case
Brangelina Divorce Case

Meanwhile in the Brangelina divorce case, a temporary custody agreement was reached upon. This document came out and according to the documents Jolie had the rights of custody. While Brad Pitt was given the right to visitation and he could also come to see his children during the therapy sessions. It was also mentioned that Pitt would have to submit random alcohol and drug tests. This agreement was just reached a few weeks after FBI closed the investigation regarding the alleged incident that took place on the private plane. During that time news also came out that Anglina Jolie loves a billionaire.

Brangelina Divorce Case- What to Expect

As it is clear that for now Pitt’s request for keeping divorce documents private was turned down. It is likely that he will continue his efforts to keep the documents involved away from media and public. He currently has the right to visit his children under supervision of therapist, while Jolie has sole custody of children. Pitt is also trying to get joint custody of their children. The next hearing in the divorce case is scheduled for January, let’s see how things turn out at that time.

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