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Britney Spears’ Comeback – Why She Doesn’t Need?

Britney Spears’ Comeback – Why She Doesn’t Need Another One?

Britney Spears’ Comeback tells that she is a living proof that the second act in Hollywood is a kind of something and if all goes accordingly, it can result in a smashing second act.

Britney Spears' Comeback
Britney Spears’ Comeback

For two decades now, the pop star was the part of the headlines. She has been a part of everything for long enough as an object from downright concern and derision, lust and idol worship to repulsion and envy. And despite all these ups and downs, she’s been one of the fascinating beauties. But our gal is turning 35 today – HBD, Britney! And she is returning as a comeback kid which she hopefully never needs to be again. It looks like every time she has done something outstanding in the past seven years was praised vociferously as a “return”, A “NewChapter” or “comeback.” But once she was back, she was literally back, it didn’t occur overnight.

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Her songs were on the hit list, her body was perfect…

Like an albatross, she is hardly the only celebrity who’s been forced to tote her past around. A lot of stars are weighted on the then vs. now balance daily. Because there is something that has occurred and it led to a difference in conditions. On The Mickey Mouse Club, she started out on top, cutting her baby teeth and after that, as a teenager, she appeared onto the scene with 1999’s Baby One More Time. Once again the style of the coy schoolgirl was everything and to be like Britney was everyone’s desire.

Her songs were on the hit list, her body was perfect, we desired to learn every dance routine. College dorms and childhood bedrooms walls were papered with Britney posters, kids packed her concerts and parents in tow. And then arises the debate that whether she is hot enough for her adolescent audience or not.

Billboard Music Awards

Britney Spears' Comeback
Britney Spears’ Comeback

Those times were simpler when the homecoming queen of pop was dating the ‘N Sync’s quarterback. Britney mania first round lasted for five years. Then she married Kevin Federline in 2004. It happens after nine months barely, saying “I do, ha, just kidding” in Vegas with Jason Allen Alexander, a childhood friend. Not that all was lost right away. Her first fragrance, Curious, was breaking the first-week record sales of Elizabeth Arden. She released her first top of the listed album. And most importantly in 2006 and 2005, she had her two sons Jayden James and Sean Preston, who are still her life loves.

With all of the good things happening in her life these days – from her general happiness and health and, of course, her boys, her residency, Britney: Piece of ME, in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood, after Whitney Houston and Beyoncé, becoming the third ever person to receive the Billboard Music Awards, Millennium Award, to the Glory; her ninth studio album releasing – there is a lot for the birthday gal to celebrate today and every day.


She Has Not Given Up the Idea of More Kids, But Men…

On the train-wreck of a reality show Chaotic, the era that saw the platinum-selling artist star, terrify some fans and worry others, become the jokes’ butt, shave her head, finally end up in a conservatorship, is over. In fact, long since over. Britney Spears’ Comeback tells that she said in September “I think I have never really left so I don’t see it a comeback” while promoting Glory’s debut. “I have been here always. So, just like a different time in my life or a reinvention in me – a glorious, really good time.”
She’s been engaged and also faced a few breakups. During “Carpool Karaoke” she told James Corden this summer that she has not given up the idea of more kids, but men. Spears has 100 million plus albums. She has released most recently Private Show fragrance in June and in nexus with 20 others already released.

Fifth Highest-Grossing Tour of the Year…

Britney Spears' Comeback
Britney Spears’ Comeback

As far as on pop culture, her enduring effect is concerned, she’s both rather extraordinary and quite human. And she has left the period of her life where everything she does. From getting a Vegas show to hitting No. 1 to being a judge on X Factor – after all, the turmoil of… should come as a surprise… Eight years ago. In 2009, Britney Spears bounced back forcefully, when a year after her hospitalization, Circus Tour raked in $131 million. This was the fifth highest-grossing tour of the year. Ever since, she has been moving forward, though her each undertaking is inevitably hailed as a step in the positive direction instead of general creative output. Singing deals, entertaining her loyal fans, making music and mothering her kids, she’s just been going for it.

There are more stories that are tagged as has-been stories than not, to Spears’ success story, bears marveled over and being told. However, it was always not fair to compare Britney to Britney now… whatever the arbitrary time you suppose her “best” time.


Flourishing, Sometimes Backtracking, Evolving, and Hiccupping…

Britney Spears' Comeback
Britney Spears’ Comeback

Yet the comeback terms applied to 2008’s Circus, to 2013’s Britney Jean to 2011’s Femme Fatale has continued, until this year’s 2016 MTV Video Music Awards performance and Glory as well – her pre-hospitalization, since 2007 her first VMAs performance, and so her big “return.” We don’t need to do that anymore. What was going for about seven years now and still continued, is just her career. Flourishing, sometimes backtracking, evolving and hiccupping. So it happens when you’re doing efforts in order to sustain a career in music for 18 years going on.

It was a respectable pastime for Britney Spears’ rooting, but probably 2016 – punctuated today by the 35th birthday of her – of her storied comeback will be the last chapter. After all, there is nowhere to go “back.” Because she is about to move forward, it’s time to catch up with Britney. So, that all from Britney Spears’ Comeback, keep visiting for more interesting and viral ones.

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