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Harshvardan Kapoor Reprise His Role in Mr India Bollywood Celebrities Bollywood Movies Bollywood News 

Harshvardan Kapoor Reprise His Role in Mr India

Harshvardan Kapoor Role in Mr India Anil Kapoors Son Harshvardan Kapoor to Reprise His Role in Mr.India. Mr. India is a famous 1987 Hindi science fiction blockbuster directed under the supervision of Shekhar Kapoor. The film starred Sridevi, Anil Kapoor and Amrish Puri in the leading roles. On the centennial of Indian cinema, Mr. India was declared to be among the 100... Read More
Parineeti Chopra to Star in Dhoom 4 Bollywood Bollywood Celebrities Bollywood Movies 

Parineeti Chopra to Star in Dhoom 4

Stars in Dhoom 4 Dhoom has been one of the most revenue generating franchises of Bollywood film industry. People from all around the world have loved the story line, the songs, direction, shooting spots and most importantly the varying cast of the movie. Every year Dhoom franchise release its new sequel where fresh faces and unique group of actors gets casted to... Read More
Juhi Chawla – Thriving Around Bollywood Celebrities 

Juhi Chawla – Thriving Around

Future favorite of the public and the “star” screens Juhi Chawla was born in 1967 in a family of civil servants and Desradzha Sharmily Mona Chawla, nothing to do with the world of art. Parents called magical girl named Juhi, which translated means “Jasmine.” She grew up, received a traditional, fairly strict upbringing, but at eighteen, instead of going to the beaten... Read More
All About Amitabh Bachchan Amitabh Bachchan Bollywood Bollywood Celebrities 

All About Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan , born Amitabh Harivamsa Shrivastav – Indian film actor, politician, broadcaster and producer, born October 11, 1942 in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, in a family that belongs to one of the higher castes of India. His father, Harivamsa Rai Bachchan (pseudonym, real name is Shrivastav), was a famous poet in India. In Amitabha has a younger brother, Adzhitabh. The son of... Read More
All About Esha Deol Bolly Wood Actress Bollywood Celebrities Esha Deol 

All About Esha Deol Bolly Wood Actress

About Esha Deol A popular Indian actress Esha Deol. Born November 2, 1982 in India. Full name – Ash Dhar- Mendra Deol.The eldest daughter of Mr. Dharmendra and Ms. Hema Malini. Ash – stepsister Bobby Deol and Sunny Deol, and she has a younger sister – Achan Deol. She is as beautiful as her mother, and a talent of his father. Ash studied... Read More
All About John Abraham – Bollywood Srat Bollywood Celebrities John Abraham 

All About John Abraham – Bollywood Srat

John Abraham one of the most sought-after actors of Bollywood. Born Dec. 17, 1972 in Mumbai. Real name is Farhan Abraham. Father Christian – Catholic from Aluva (Kerala). The mother is a native of Iran. I graduated in Mumbai Scotish and Jai Hind College, MBA, MET. Fluent in Malayalam, Gujarati, Hindi and Ang and little Marathi. Early in his career he worked... Read More
All About Shahid Kapoor the Bollywood Celebrity Bollywood Celebrities Shahid Kapoor 

All About Shahid Kapoor the Bollywood Celebrity

Shahid Kapoor another “Star” a child who grew up in a family of actors Pankaj Kapoor and Neelima Azeem. His biography begins from Delhi, it’s his hometown, where he first went to school. His parents divorced in 1984, when he was 3 years old. When Shahid Kapoor was 11, he moved with his mother to take up permanent residence in Bombay, to... Read More
All About Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Aishwarya Rai Bollywood Celebrities 

All About Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai the most beautiful woman Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (b. November 1, 1973, Mangalore, Karnataka, India) is an Indian actress and model. The winner of the contest “Miss World” in 1994. The actress was born in a family of merchant navy officer and writer of Paradise Krishnaraya Vrinda Rai, has an older brother. Mother tongue Tulu Aishwarya also fluent in English, Hindi,... Read More