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Chirandzhvi – Indian Actor Became Minister of India

The Popular Indian Actor Chirandzhvi Became Minister of Tourism of India

Indian Actor Chirandzhvi
Indian Actor Became Minister of India

Starring in 148 tapes actor, known as Chirandzhvi in the Cabinet of Ministers approved yesterday received the portfolio of Minister of State for Tourism in India. In 2008, at the height of his fame as a 53-year-old Chiranzhevi left his brilliant career to try his luck in politics. Less than a year passed from the time when he founded his own party, he reached the level of the national elections, the results of which scored less than 20 seats, and he Chirandzhvi lost in the National Assembly is one of two places that are claimed.

However, from February 2011 to October of this year about Chirandzhvi almost no one remembered, except for a pair of anything, at first glance, are not notable meetings with the Congress head Sonia Gandhi – said the local press.

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