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Chris Brown: CPS Investigating Chris Brown

CPS investigating Chris Brown
Brown under investigation by CPS

Child Protective Services Investigating Chris Brown

Brad Pitt and Chris Brown have something in common with each other. There is a sentence that should not have been written. But in line with the abuzz on the internet over the issue of alleged Pitt abusing his children, it is now affirmed that the Child Protective Services is investigating Brown.

Nia Guzman, the Brown’s baby mama, has filed the report with the authorities following the standoff of Brown with the police last month, says TMZ. According to TMZ sources, Brown’s baby mama, Nia Guzman, filed a complaint with authorities after Brown’s standoff with police last month.

 A quick refresher:

Chris Brown and Bailey Curran
Bailey Curran and Chris Brown…

Brown was found with some people hanging out at his place on August 30. Baylee Curran named woman was also one of those people. This woman levels the allegation that, in his house, Brown pointed a gun at her face over a deeper look at one of the pieces of jewelry. After leaving the Brown’s house she called 911 and then police arrived and tried to probe the issue but Brown refused to allow the authorities to enter the home. He moved to social media and slammed the police by uploading multiple videos instead, while at a point he was also throwing a bag out of the window having drugs and weapons in it.

At last the game ended with the villain down:

After this nine-hour standoff, police acquired the search warrant and then arrested Brown for assaulting with a deadly weapon and is now investigating Chris Brown. He has proclaimed his whiteness on many occasions.

There is no truth in the rumors!

At this time of the incident, reports claim that Royalty (Brown’s daughter-two-year-old) was also there at his house.

But this is just a rumor. She was not there.

Shortly after this arresting scene for investigating Chris Brown, Guzman was still concerned about the Royalty’s safety with someone like Brown and so, she contacted DCFS.

(NOTE: Insiders say that Guzman sees Brown as a good father but she is just cautious about the people he hangs out with.)

Since that arrest, all of the visits with Royalty were conducted under the supervision of his mother. This situation will continue until the legal issues of Brown are sorted out. TMZ says that Guzman is not yet fighting with the Brown to alter her arrangement of custody. But she is of the view that the visits under his supervision are best for a while.

The reality is Reality!

It’s probably true that Brown does not gain the profit of doubt as some other people do in the specific situation.

But the reality does not change. His anger management skills are pretty much poor as we have observed from the scene when he beats Rihanna’s face a few years back.

Hence, that would be the cause why. Forgive us in the case we are not crying a river for this person named Chris Brown.

Do you have sympathy for this singer? OR

Are you of the view that he is ashamed of this deadly weapon case?

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