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Drake’s Birthday-Spending His 30th With Top 1 Lady

Drake’s Birthday – Planned of Spending His 30th Birthday With Top 1 Lady of the world!!!

Drake can be considered to be the best and the big-name rapper of the rappers alive with a huge amount of wealth, but that is just a small thing for him that cannot stop him from the most crucial thing in his life: his family.
Partying with the wealthiest persons and celebrities on Sunday night at his birthday party – John Mayer, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift—making toasts and popping bottles. On Drake’s birthday, he decided to enjoy the time and spend it with his most beautiful and top 1 lady, his mama (What? What about Rihanna?)

Drake's Birthday
Drake’s Birthday

At Drake’s Birthday party – They were holding their hands while entering….

Our resources learned that on Monday night, the group of family members and close friends of Drake and Sandi Graham hit up Nobu in Malibu. Partying with the beautiful ocean views and having the taste of sushi for this significant event of his birthday. In fact, Sandy appeared to be entering the birthday party with a man who looked like her boyfriend, as she was holding this man’s hand while entering the restaurant. An insider told that they reached at 9 pm.

He was with his mom, the man who looked like her boyfriend when they were holding their hands and a close friends group.“For about three hours, they were inside and then they came out and after three hours and said goodbyes to some of the group members and they left. His mom and some of the friends of Drake came back to the home at Drake’s place after that. They were in separate cars.”

Drake’s Virginia Black whiskey…..

Drake's Birthday
Drake’s Birthday

“This crowd was very friendly and sweet and his mother seemed like she knew everyone very well,” our source noticed. According to DJ Khaled would call it, it was a bit more high-key at the party on Sunday night with him at Drake’s Birthday.
Shay Mitchell, French Montana, Jamie Foxx were not only the members of the swanky soiree of A-listeners, at the Los Angeles restaurant while hosting a party. But there at the same time and in the same place and also in the same room were Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and John Mayer turning heads. There were many more in nexus with that VIP list in the attendance at the party enjoying throughout the night the Drake’s Virginia Black whiskey.


Taylor’s hands were on Drake’s shoulders and they were talking to each other at a deep point!!!

According to the reports, this party was of an intimate kind with just family and some friends. Started around 9 pm and finished after six hours at 3 am. Drake entered with some of the guys around 10. When he came on the floor he had a really happy face and a big smile. He gave hugs to everybody and said hi to everyone. “Birthday Boy is here” people yelled. The sources also told that “Taylor arrived with a group of friends and it seemed like she was having fun. There was a lot of dancing of the dinner. There was a point in the party where Taylor’s hands were on Drake’s shoulders and they were talking to each other. It looked like they are more than just real friends while standing near the DJ and having a conversation. It seemed like their point of discussion was very deep.”

The Biggest Gift of the day!!!

Drake's Birthday
Drake’s Birthday

The Carbone menu dinner was served and the group enjoyed the menu according to notice. And after that, a magic show was conducted by David Blaine. Obviously, this celebration of Drake’s Birthday had gone wasted if there was no one singing “happy birthday to you” at the party.“After all that, he personally gave a speech and thanked people for coming and especially thanked the people who were with him from the beginning. He also told that he could not describe the love he has for all of them and his family and close friends who supported him,” our reports tell us. People also presented Drake with beautifully packed gifts. But he did not open the few gifts that he was presented during that party on his birthday. Obviously, the biggest gift that he gave was the gift to his fans. The Gift of the Day.

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