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Ellen and Obama – A 10 Year Look Back

Ellen and Obama – A 10 year look back at the Obamas, Dances, and Pranks

Ellen DeGeneres and Barack Obama are one of the great personalities. She looks back at the past 10 years with Obamas, dances and pranks included. She is actually the biggest fan of Obama.

Ellen and Obama
Ellen and Obama

So at the last day of Obama as the President of the United States, Ellen wanted to recall the 10 years of interviews with him and his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama. Ellen said in reference to the actress Portia De Rossi, the actress whom she married in August 2008 “I personally wanted to thank him for changing my life. Just because of him, I am now a married woman legally and so is my wife. His compassion and courage generated equality for everyone. He moved us forward. I love him. He also made more happen in the past 8-years than I dreamed possible ever. I love Michelle.”

Demonstration of Slick Dance Moves

On the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen then played a highlight reel of the best moments of them. On October 29, 2007, Barack made his first appearance. He demonstrated his slick dance moves that time. On September 8, 2008, Michelle then showed Obama up when she for the first time appeared on the show. Ellen admitted, “your husband is a great dancer, but you are better than him.” Michelle laughed, “I know! I’ve been telling him about this.” The highlights also showed the push-up contest of Michelle and Ellen in 2012. And 2016 CVS shopping spree as well. And how can you forget the Valentine’s Day message of Barack Obama to his wife Michelle? He also fielded the questions from the Macey Hensley, a 6-year-old presidential expert.


Ellen and Obama admire each other a lot

Ellen and Obama
Ellen and Obama

There is no doubt that the Ellen and Obama admire each other a lot. Barack assured in 2016 to Ellen, “I don’t think that there would have been anybody more influential than you, changing minds and hearts. The law has followed and attitudes shift, but it was all started with the folks like you. I feel confident that America is going to do well. After having gotten a lot done, after having served for seven years, and seeing the progress and the American people’s resilience.”

Her candor and courage helped change the millions of American’s minds and hearts

Barack awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom to Ellen, nine months later. He began, “When we’ve come so far, it is not difficult to forget now—where under the law, marriages are equal now—just how much requirement of courage was to Ellen almost 20 years ago when coming out on the most public of stages. But for all of us, not just to the LGBT community.” The politician continued, “Ellen DeGeneres has brought joy to our lives and lifted our spirits as a stand-up comic, television star and actor in a career spanning three decades. Her candor and courage helped change the millions of American’s minds and hearts. Which helped our nation’s smooth drive towards acceptance for all and equality.”

@POTUS I am honored that in your last press conference you mentioned me

Ellen and Obama
Ellen and Obama

“Ellen has depicted that a single person can make the world more open, more fun, more loving place, so much long as we just continue swimming,” Obama said referencing Finding Nemo. During his final press conference in White House on Wednesday, Barack mentioned Ellen. He said, “I meant what I said when I gave Presidential Medal of Freedom to Ellen. Somebody that changed attitudes, of that kind and likable projecting into living rooms around the country. And what was happening in the small communities of the country, that’s just one small example of it and that was not an easy task to do for her. Ellen and Obama – She tweeted in response, “@POTUS I am honored that in your last press conference you mentioned me. I will make sure to mention you on the last show of mine.”

Ellen and Obama have become really good friends. She depicted her gratitude, after the highlight video finished rolling, once again. “President Obama and First Lady Michelle, thank you for everything. We are going to miss you so much,” she said.


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