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Music Legend George Michael Passed Away

The legend pop star George Michael passed away at his house in Oxfordshire. He was 53 years old and died of heart failure.

George Michael had a very successful career in the pop industry and over his career he sold 100 million records.
His death came as a shock for his fans. The police authorities of Thames Valley mentioned that an ambulance was sent to a house in Goring, Oxfordshire. Around 1:42 pm today. It then came out that the paramedics were called after a friend discovered George Michael. Until then George Michael passed away.

George Michael Passed Away
George Michael at a Concert

The publicist of George Michael said that they were greatly saddened over the death of their brother, son and friend George Michael. He further mentioned that he peacefully died at the Christmas period. Apart from that he did not make any further comments.

Michael’s long time manager, Mr. Michael Lippman said that the cause of death was believed to probably be a heart failure.

George Michael’s Career

The famous hits of George Michael included Freedom, Club Tropicana, Careless Whisper and Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. He also had number one singles in UK about 7 times. He also worked with the likes of Sir Elton John and Aretha Franklin.

George Michael Passed Away
George Michael with his bandmate Ridgeley

Later on alongside Andrew Ridgeley, his bandmate, they enjoyed hits after hits. His hits with Ridgeley included Last Christmas and Young Guns. But they later on separated in 1986 after making The Edge of Heaven which topped the charts too.

George Michael Passed Away- Reactions

After knowing that George Michael passed away, there were tributes from all over the world. Ridgeley, his former bandmate tweeted that he was heartbroken at the loss of his beloved friend. While his friend Elton John, wrote on Instagram that he found Michael a kind, generous and brilliant soul and now he lost a friend.

The famous musician Madonna also wrote on Instagram that 2016 was a bad year and another great artist left them.

George Michael’s Life

Michael’s album Faith, which was a huge success in 1988, was remastered in 2010. But later the lengthy legal processes followed as he did efforts to free himself from a deal with Sony. He later resigned with the, only a few years later.

1998 he was arrested in Beverly Hills, California for being involved in a lewd act. This incident made him disclose his homosexuality as well as his relation with Kenny Goss.

George Michael Passed Away
George Michael’s latest picture

In the years prior to his retirement, he had a turbulent personal life. He was involved in drug use and had brushes with the law. Once he said that the most depressing time of his life was his late 20s. During that period he lost his partner, Anselmo Feleppa and sometime later his mother also died. He said that he felt cursed at that time.
He also had to face a 5 years driving ban after he was proved to be driving under the influence of alcohol. Cannabis was also found from him.

He had some health problems too and was treated in 2011, when he had pneumonia.
18 months later he had to be admitted to hospital again after having an incident on the motorway. He had a head injury in the accident. Earlier in this month, it was come to be kown that he was working on a new album with the producer Naughty Boy.


Michael had been on top for quite some while during his career and had a lot of fans. It is a sad news that George Michael passed away. He is the latest celebrity which passed away in 2016. Set Entertainment expresses grief over the loss of such an amazing star.

Source:      The Telegraph

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