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Halloween 2016 Calendar – You Have a Calendar ?

Halloween 2016 calendar

Halloween 2016 calendar
Halloween 2016 calendar

Do you like Halloween 2016 Calendar ? Is it your favorite time of year? Well for many, their Halloween calendars start on midnight October 1st. We start bringing out of fall clothes and thinking of what outfits we are going to wear to the fall festival. We start slowly introducing pumpkins into our homes. By October 3rd the whole house looks like a haunted mansion. For some their Halloween spirit cannot be contained. They have their Halloween 2016 calendar posted all over the place. We can define a Halloween calendar by a list of things you want to do related to fall or Halloween during the month of October.

Halloween 2016 calendar Horror nights

There are fall festivals, pumpkin patches, and haunted houses. For many their Halloween 2016 calendar consists of Halloween Horror nights, which is an adult strand of haunted houses. For others their Halloween 2016 calendar consist of fall pictures and which pumpkin patch to take your kids to. Every state as a different Halloween 2016 calendar. No matter where you are, you can contact your local Chamber of Commerce. They can give you a list of all of the events going on in your town. That list will give you the time and date of every event and any additional information you may need.

We all know social media is the fastest way to get information around in 2016. With that being said check your Facebook! Many places and people share and re-share events that they are interested in. Most of the time that is how you will see something and become interested in it. You can even post on Facebook and post ” what should I put on my Halloween 2016 Calendar” and you will get all kind of answers from people you know and love. So check your local social media outlets.

Halloween 2016 Calendar Versions

Everyone’s version of their Halloween 2016 Calendar is different. Each one tailor’s to your own personal preferences. If you enjoy the more scary part of Halloween then you will want to attend the haunted houses and maybe the HHN – Halloween Horror Nights we have here in Florida. I am sure every state has their own version of scary places to visit. If you are not so much into scary but you live getting dressed up and going trick or treating. Then you will want to attend the fall festivals and trunk or treats around you. Even if you are into scary, you should put a fall festival on your Halloween 2016 Calendar. They will put you in the fall spirit. From pumpkins as far as the eye can see to the hay rides through the field with the crisp fall breeze hitting your face. Especially if you have kids your Halloween 2016 Calendar will definitely be a lot of school trunk or treats and fall festivals. If you attend these you will see more fall decorations like hay bales, and sunflowers. Your children will love these rides and games, and fall activities.

There will be hay rides and tossing the ball games to win more candy, yes more candy is probably what you are thinking. You might as well give up if you have kids the month of October is nothing but candy. From schools doing different activities to all of these fall activities.

Some people wait all year for the fall time of year and for the Halloween season to begin. I know many people who as soon as Halloween ends they are buying stuff for next year and beginning to plan their next year’s Halloween party.

Many people also plan Halloween parties, that is the major event on their Halloween 2016 Calendar. For some people Halloween is bigger than Christmas from them, it is their favorite time of year. I know a girl that as soon as Oct. 1st literally at midnight hits she is decorating and posting stuff on Facebook about Halloween.

So what are you looking for? Are you looking for a haunted house that is not kid friendly that you and your husband can go to and be scared to death. Or are you looking for a kid friendly environment where your children can dress up and go around and get candy and play games in a safe environment. Like I stated before pull them up even if you do not know anyone you can go to these events all by yourself and I promise you will wind up running into another parent or someone to talk to. We all know kids they will find a friend within minutes, and become what they think is best friends. Trust me your kids will not be shy when it comes to candy. If a booth at a fall festival has candy your child will be drawn to it like bee’s on honey no matter who is looking or shy they may be. So step out of your comfort zone if you haven’t already, and take your kids to these events or even volunteer and help out!

In conclusion if you do not have a Halloween calendar, you need one! Not only is it the Fall time of year but it is Halloween! You have to take advantage of every part of Halloween from dressing your kids up and taking them to get sugar filled candy that you will be picking wrappers up from for weeks! To celebrating Halloween and dressing yourself up with adult friends. Halloween is celebrated many different ways, some say it is bad. Others simply ignore the bad and make it what they want, which is a fun time of year. There are so many fall festivals and Halloween carnivals, and trunk or treats. You literally could go to something every day of October. No matter if you want a fall festival or haunted house you can certainly find it. Some events do cost money, but for the most part they are community events and do not charge much. They have to charge something to keep it going but they are family oriented and do not cost much. The average cost is no more than ten dollars to get in.

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