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Halloween 2016 Costumes – Halloween Costumes

Are you racking your brain about what the best Halloween 2016 costumes ? Stop now, save time and check out the Halloween costumes below. These are the best Halloween 2016 costumes has to offer!

Adult Halloween 2016 Costumes

halloween 2016 costumes
Halloween 2016 costumes

Harley Quinn – Halloween 2016 Costumes

This is by far the hottest costume for women this year. After the release of “Suicide Squad” early this year this costume has gotten a fresh new look compared to the older version of the same character. This costume sports the red and blue jacket and shorts, with the new signature red and white t-shirt. A blond wig with red and blue highlights in a pony tails tops off this out fit. The traditional Harley Quinn outfit is still available however it is very plain and boring in whole when faced with the option of the “Suicide Squad” version.

The Joker Halloween 2016 Costumes

This costume has survived the years but as with the Harley Quinn revamp there has been a Joker revamp as well. This costume will create quite a stir this year at most adult parties as it shows a bit crazier and darker Joker. Joker’s signature green hair is ever present however in this years costume it will be a slicked back almost greaser version on the green hair. This year’s Joker will also have a more relaxed dress code. Where the traditional costume has a more formal coat in purple this year will have a more maroon dress shirt open at the top to show some pretty awesome tattoos on Joker’s chest. Add the white makeup, red lips and black liner and pick up your Harley Quinn before you hit the town to cause some trouble.

Ghost-busters Halloween 2016 Costumes

Going to a party where there may be a couple of spooks; make sure you invite the Ghost-busters this year! This group costume has made its way back from the closets for 2016. Whether you are going as Ray, Winston, Egon and Peter or the redux group. This set will win best group costume this year at every party! So grab your packs, jump suits, and don’t forget Slimmer when your group heads out to your party!

Deadpool  – Halloween 2016 Costumes

Wise cracking comic book character brought to life by the great people who brought us X-Men a few years ago will also be making appearances at Halloween parties throughout the country. The red and black jumpsuit with the full head mask hides Wade but also allows for some mischief without repercussions. Deadpool costumes will most likely be at a premium this year so watch your front door as your party gets started because he always loves a good party!

Donald Trump Halloween 2016 Costumes

The Presidential hopeful has become an icon this year and everyone wants to be him. What is better than becoming a celebrity for a few hours? Grab a great looking suit, silk tie, patent leather shoes and a Trump mask for the party this year. No one says NO to Trump so you will be welcome at any party you choose. Want to trump up your Trump costume? Add a wall out of cardboard to your costume for some comic relief to this proper costume.

Great Kids Costumes – Halloween 2016 Costumes

This year kids are getting to have some fun too with the characters they all know and love. Some of the traditional Witch and Monster costumes will be out and about too.

Minions – Halloween 2016 Costumes

The minions are out again this year and they are still looking for their bananas! Whether your kids are dressing up as Kevin, Stuart, Dave or any of the others maker sure your have the right number of eyes! The signature blue overalls and yellow skin will let you now it there is a minion on your street! See who all you can find while passing out candy this year!

Pokemon – Halloween 2016 Costumes

From Pikachu to a Pokeball your gonna see them all! These costumes come in all shapes and poke-types but by far Pikachu and the Pokeball is the most popular. Turn Trick or Treat into a fun family game and see how many different Pokemon you can find.

Wonder Woman  – Halloween 2016 Costumes

She is back from the 80’s and little girls love her all over again. Her outfit is still the traditional red top and blue skirt with stars however Wonder Woman has toned the outfit down a bit from the old bra style top and gone to a tank style top. Her silver boots are still a must and no Wonder Woman costume is complete without her head band and whip. Look out evil Wonder Woman is back to make Trick or Treat safe for everyone this year!

Princess – Halloween 2016 Costumes

As always princess‘ are popular. Whether is be a generic princess or one of the great Disney ladies; little girls still worship them and want to dress and look just like them. This year, however, expect a run on Belle costumes. With a remake of Beauty and the Beast coming out a whole new generation is falling in love with Belle!

With all the choices this year for costumes there is one that may not be a great idea this year. The ever popular clown costume has been a bit of a problem throughout the country. This being said it is still on store shelves and still rather popular. If you are going to dress as a clown for Halloween this year exercise caution. It may not be wise to paint your face before you leave the house if you will be traveling too far from home, especially if you are walking. Also it may not be wise to allow older children to dress as a clown and be out without adult supervision.

No matter what costume you choose this year make it great, be careful, and have fun! The best Halloween costume is always the one where you can have fun and be a little creepy, but be responsible when your out this year!

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