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Halloween 2016 Date – What Day is Halloween

Halloween 2016 Date

If All Saints brings out winter,
St. Martin brings out Indian summer.

The Halloween 2016 Date lands on a Monday. Although, it is observed, throughout the entire month of October. Halloween or Hallow-e’en, is celebrated on the 31st of October every year. With it beginning a three day observance of the ‘Allhallowtide’, these three days are spent in dedication to the remembrance of saints, martyrs, the dead or the faithful who’ve departed. Since it does land on the same day every year, it does land on a different day annually. Additionally, it’s also known as “All Hallows’ Eve”, or “All Saints’ Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day.”

Halloween 2016 Date
Halloween 2016 Date

You will begin to understand the significance of this important date. It, also, was considered one of the ‘Celtic harvest festivals’ including a Christian feast. All in all, the traditional focus to celebrate the “All Hallows’ Eve” was to involve the “humor and ridicule” elements in order to deal with death and dying. This will continue on Halloween 2016 date.

The Ancient Celt’s and their beliefs of Samhain

Another Halloween belief is that in Gaelic, it mean’s “summer’s end” and it’s called Samhain (pronunciation: “sow-in” which sounds like “cow-in”). The origin of Halloween is rooted back to this ancient Celtic fest, now Great Britain. It basically ‘marked’ the ending of the harvest season and the beginning of the new year. It’s traditionally running for two days of celebration which starts on October 31st. According to ancient Celts, the “veil between the worlds of the living and the dead was at its thinnest” while in the midst of Samhain. Therefore, it was a perfect time to communicate with the dead in order to divine the future.

Cities and towns play tribute – Halloween 2016 Date

With small towns and cities celebrating the “day of the dead” as some people may know it as, there are pleny of candy apples dipped in various carmals and chocolates, churches still having their costume festivals, concerts still playing throughout the evenings, and still we welcome the “zombie walking” costume freaks. It’s amazing that you can fit it all in a month, let alone in a day. There are countless events that contribute to the celebration of the “scary” holiday. But, what better way then to dress up in your favorite costume. Consequently, Halloween 2016 date is around the corner and so will the millions of trick-or-treaters that will be dressed up (or down) for this divine holiday.

Dressing up or down: the Costumes  – Halloween 2016 Date

With Halloween as the celebrated observance day for millions across the world at the end of October, you’ll notice your friends, families, and local communities putting on a spectacle of a Halloween feast or celebration which centers around dressing up in funky, glamorous, sexy, or scary costumes. In addition to the Halloween fests every year, there’s either a new movie or a new costume that is coming out in order to motivate those that enjoy the costume aspects of Halloween.

And more history of Halloween…

To get consumers more interested in the event, commercialization began to hit the stores in the 1900s. This is when a growing market began. Those that went in on the fun of buying costumes really hit the masses in the 1930s. Customization, they were the next consumer marketing trend which has shaped millions of people into going out and going ‘trick-or-treating’ as well. It’s been going on for years, and for the decades to follow during the 50s, ‘trick-or-treating’ finally appeared. They sprung up in suburban neighborhoods as an official Halloween event that still continues to this day.

The day of Obligation; another religious belief

When people talk about the date of Halloween, they are also talking about November 1st (or so they should). The date of All Hallows’ Eve falls before the Observance and Obligation of specific religions such as Catholicism and Christianity. The Catechism of the Catholic Church (Para. 2041) illustrates the description of obligations in the “Precepts of the Church”. Two being that it’s for our spiritual growth and moral efforts as a human being.

It’s in regards to ‘the growth in love of God and neighbor’ for this particular religion and as [“Christians”, we should want to act and want to do this anyway]. One of the precepts is “The Holy Days of Obligation” which is simply to remind us that we need not ignore our holiness’ growing needs.

So, the day of observance of the dead (Oct. 31) and the date of the Solemnity of All Saints (Nov. 1) are the two important dates during the entire Halloween festivities. Although, just recently, in the US and some other countries, bishops were given permission by the Vatican that they had an option to “abrogate” (temporarily waive) the attendance of Catholics attending Mass on specific Holy Days of Obligation. One such Holy Day of Obligation is the day after Halloween. If it lands on a Saturday or a Monday, these are the only two days that are excusable. This year, 2016, it lands on a Monday; so therefore, if you are a practicing Catholic, and you do not want to observe the “All Saints Day”, you don’t have to since it’s abrogated. Since, the All Saints Day (Nov. 1) is a surprisingly old feast and it came from the Christian tradition which celebrates the martyrdom of saints, it resulted on the date of their anniversary of their martyrdom.

In fact, the persecutions of the late Roman Empire enhanced the rise of martyrdom which thereby increased in numbers. The common feast day was instituted by local dioceses. These feasts were specifically honoring the known, and unknown, martyrdoms more appropriately. Furthermore, it eventually became widespread in the universal Churches across the globe.

The aftermath of Halloween

Besides tummy aches and bowls of left-over candy, their is an aftermath of the entire event which relinquishes Halloween’s 2016 date. The day immediately following Halloween becomes the holiday shopping season. This date is better known to ‘die-hard’ shoppers as the real beginning of shopping for the holidays. Finally, this date alone has it’s own event of the night, day, and evening including waiting in lines for hours and sometimes even days. Typically, it’s confused with “Black Friday”, but that’s a whole other story.

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