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Halloween Returns 2016 – and Others Won’t Go Away!

Halloween Returns 2016

Halloween Returns 2016
Halloween Returns 2016

With all the Halloween returns 2016 got busy with filming some of the big screens horror flicks. Some were completed by the first part of the year. What’s definite is the start of the two horror movies that were notably horrific when they first originated in the 1980s. One being the 2nd part of Conjuring and the other being second part of The Purge: Election Year.

Both, were great, but not like the original scary movies. This year is the return of the slasher movies indefinitely. Halloween returns 2016, and has come into full circle. For many movie-goers, although the returning of one of the original horror flicks is no other than Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Leatherface, Friday the 13th’s Jason, and naturally, Michael Myers from Halloween. As these main characters never seem to die, one will be disclosed as to “why”.
It’s also rumored that this will be the last of the Halloween 2016 Movie, but wasn’t this said before? Slashing their way through the top slasher movies of 2016 and returning for Halloween begins with one of our loud and favorite of the bunch.

Leatherface 2016

He’s back and it’s in 3D! The Texas Chainsaw movie will be based off the original story-line. The prequel is featuring a teenager who’s considered a lunatic and then becomes the iconic Leatherface. He escapes from a mental institution with some other inmates. They take the nurse along for the horrific journey into their madness. Chasing them along the way is a “lawman” and supposedly he’s just as a crazier than the madman himself. U Whether you enjoyed the flick or not, it’s iconic and creepy. successful whether you enjoyed the movie or not. And as a result the iconic chainsaw wielding Leatherface will be returning to theaters with the title named after himself. Since filming has already begun for the movie, it looks like they’ll successfully reach their designated goal of a 2016 release for the movie.

Friday The 13th

When Halloween returns 2016, it returns with Friday The 13th which came out in May 13th. This was due out in 2016. There’s speculation that it’s going to come out as the 13th film in the franchise. Here are some of the things we know about this upcoming slasher flick.

Supposedly it’s not going to be a “reboot” of the others. And it’s not going to be a “found footage” type of movie, Jason’s mother may return, Ms. Voorhees.

May take place in the 1980s which is when the film came began. It’s said that the creators of the film will finally explain why Jason can’ t die.

This is a must see movie to watch at the theaters this year with your friends. It’s also going come out on Friday the 13th. (David Bruckner [V.H.S.] is said to be directing this entry. It’s the 13th film of the original movie. This one is the “most wanted Horror film” for the Halloween films for 2016.

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Child’s Play 7 (2016, 2017?)

The next big name in horror and reclaiming a spot on the Halloween returns 2016 list is no other than “Chucky” himself. He makes a comeback in the 7th movie of his returning horror flicks. The director announced this a few months ago, Don Mancini. The one who wrote the script also said that it will be either this year or in 2017.

Halloween Returns 2016 The original Halloween started a thrill seeking trend for Halloween fans. One of the true movies that stayed with the theme of trick-o-treating is here to stay or at least that’s what the creators are saying. Michael Myers will be played by Richard Couch. The movie will star a group of kids and have a “standalone” installment in order to “reintroduce” audiences to the original film. His original anguish will reappear for audiences to rekindle the very reasons why he became who he is in the eyes of the world around him. One of the victims, (who is said to be 18-years old) plays a pivotal role along with the child of a police officer. Another is the obsession of his case, although, Myers is now on death row. There are going to be some victims who are wanting pay back time for his wrongdoings. Yet things don’t play out as planned, which is what normally happens in these movies, and Myers escapes. But, something didn’t really go as planned as one of the producers of the film has said.

They are having to “re-figure this beast” before it goes out as the new Halloween.

Later Slasher movies are due for a comeback

The original Nightmare on Elm Street may be a “reboot” as well as Hellraiser as part of the Halloween returns 2016 horror flicks. But, the overflowing of these paranormal horror flicks is recently surfacing again. Thanks t But thanks to the rebirth of our favorite slasher icons, Horror might just be worth watching again. What’s Halloween without the slasher movies anyway? With Jason, Michael Myers, Leatherface, and even old Chucky, in which they all play a contributing role in scary and creepy characters of the Halloween genre, the Halloween screamish movies will never die either. (No, pun intended here.)

The paranormal and haunting films that won’t go away

Again, once the Blair Witch Project movie was said to come out again, as a reboot, you know these paranormal movies will not go away any time soon.

Also, the Conjuring’s continued movie has developed as a prime movie early this summer of 2016. The returning of the “bad entities” with it being voted as one of the best American Horror films directed by James Wan. It was budgeted at $40M and grossed more than $320M. This says a lot about the moving. It’s the sequel to The Conjuring (2013) and a third is already in the world.

The plot thickens as the story goes with it being filmed in the early years of the 70s. There’s a couple, Ed and Lorraine Warren, who are investigating and documenting the Amityville murders at the original Amityville house. They are shown viewing the presence of the scene where a demonic entity takes over one of the family members while he’s killing his family siblings and his parents one by one with a shotgun. It’s through the eyes of the couple as they are put into a trance like state of mind. In fact, they show that there is a demonic presence in which there’s a mass murder basically because of the demonic presence in the house. It takes place in November 13, 1974, and along with the other haunting incidents which involve the Lutz family. What’s creepy is Lorraine envisioning the entire scenario all over again, making audiences who’ve seen the Amityville movie forced to relive it also. Reliving the murders is a true creepy scenario, especially on Halloween night. Another is the image of a demonic nun figure which reappears throughout the film and all before Ed is fatally impaled by a pointed object at the breaking of her vision and the window he’s thrown out of.

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The Purge: Election Year

With this year being election year in reality, what a perfect movie to be titled that as well. The Purge, Part 2 has gotten those after realistic and horrific crimes played out on each other and being able to get away from it within a 24 hour period is haunting. The Presidential candidate, Senator Charlie Barnes, is being targeted for death on the night of the Purge because she vows to end the Purge night all together. Although she is heavily guarded by a former police officer, Sergeant Barnes. His son was killed on that night of the Purge, so he wants to make sure who he’s guarding is alive and well so she can become president.

This makes it for a scary night out at the movies when Halloween returns 2016 will be one of those ending years where you think the paranormal and horror flicks will end, but do they really? So, grab those costumes, popcorn and get ready for some creepy Halloween returns 2016 flicks because they’ll get you in the mood once you see the creepiest movies this year. Some are based on true events. Watch one of them or all of them, if you dare. The week of Halloween will be beneficial for movies on Halloween Horror Nights.

With Halloween returning in 2016, part of trick-o-treating, dressing up, and going to one of these movies before the Halloween 2016 Costumes party, or event, or after will be a thrill. Either way, it will be worth the time and in order to get you, your family and friends or maybe even your date ready for the howling evening of another Halloween night, start or end it with these flicks.

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