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HellBoy 3 Will Never Ever Be Made

HellBoy 3 Review

HellBoy 3 Will Never Ever Be Made
HellBoy 3

Hellboy is a famous American supernatural superhero film that has been directed by Guillermo Del Toro and stars Ron Perlman as the leading character. The film revolves around a best turned into a superhero who secretly works with other powers to keep people safe from paranormal intimidations.

During the initial days of first and second part of the movie, they grossed over 59 million dollars at the box office of United States and over 99 million dollars worldwide. Makers of this movie were thinking about creating another sequel of this franchise but unfortunately after much thinking and elaboration, it has been confirmed that Hell Boy 3 will never ever be made.

For many years, admirers of Del Toro and HellBoy have been waiting for the third part to become realism, but the movie has tumbled into a dividing line full of ups and downs. Everybody involved, from the cast list to the director, have uttered their curiosity in making another sequel, with Ron Perlman (HellBoy himself) being the main supporter.

It appeared like HellBoy 3 was on its way to being greenlit, but Perlman has newly shared that it perhaps will not be that way. These days, the director of Hell Boy is busy making another sequel of his another super hit movie Pacific Rim and has shared with the media that his monster vs giant robot science fiction film is on its way and will be shown to audience in cinema houses very soon.

He is also very enthusiastic about his another most important future film Pottersville, which is going to be the first movie completely sponsored by his studio film fund Wing and a Prayer Pictures. Pottersville is a comedy movie starring Michael Shannon, Christina Hendricks, Judy Greer, Ian McShane, and Thomas Lennon.

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