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HHN – Halloween Horror Nights

Universal Studio’s Frightening And Fun Halloween Horror Nights

HHN Halloween Horror Nights
HHN Halloween Horror Nights

“The Nation’s Premier Halloween Event”, Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Night (HHN) has been a popular event for the world’s premier, movie studio themed amusement park for decades. From mid-September through Halloween, the HHN event is a must for thrill seekers. It takes enjoying a thrill park to new heights during the Halloween season. Not only can park patrons enjoy rides including roller coasters, 3D effects, and interactive virtual experiences, but park goers can enjoy the sensation of fear and adrenaline rush as they walk through the park’s streets. Scare Zones, haunted houses, shows and other exciting Halloween themed adventures make HHN one of the most thrilling events.

History of the HHN event

HHN (Halloween Horror Nights)
HHN (Halloween Horror Nights)

Halloween Horror Nights began in 1986 as an event filled with Halloween attractions at Universal Studio’s Orlando and Hollywood theme parks. It began as a 3 night event. “Scareactors” were hired to roam the streets of the park dressed frightening costumes scaring patrons as they enjoyed the park’s rides and shows. The seasonal “Scaractors” train at “Goul School”.

After nearly 10 years, HHN expanded in size and began in mid-September and lasted through the month of October culminating on Halloween. Halloween Horror Nights has expanded to Universal Studio’s Singapore and Japan’s theme parks with great success. The HHN event has included character icons including Cindy, the mortician’s daughter, Eddie Schmit, and the Caretaker. In 2007, Universal Studios acquired the rights to use New Line Cinema’s iconic horror characters Freddie Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Leatherface.

Following the tragedy of September 11, 2001, Hollywood Horror Nights was toned down in the gore factor for a few years. HHN in Orlando celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2010 with the event called “20 years of fear”. With expanded events in Orlando, Hollywood, Singapore and Japan, HHN has continued to be a popular, scary theme park event. Halloween Horror Nights continues to frighten and thrill Universal Studio’s park patrons with thrilling rides, themed performances, creepy interactive experiences, and frightening scare zones.

HHN Haunted Houses

HHN Halloween Horror Nights
HHN Halloween Horror Nights

Frightening haunted houses open up in the parks during the Halloween 2016 season. These are based on the popular shows and movies including American Horror Story, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Walking Dead, The Exorcist, Krampus, Lunatics Playground, The Tomb of the Ancients, and Ghost Town: The Curse of Lightening Gulch.

HHN Scare Zones

One of the most thrilling features of HHN is the Scare Zones. Monsters, Mutants and Maniacs lurk the streets and corners. Areas of the park are set up as themed “Scare Zones“. Survive the Apopcalypse plays out the story of 3 warring gangs trying to control the machine for clean air after a global catastrophe plagues the Earth’s atmosphere. The Lair of the Banshee features an adventure deep into the forest hollows where evil spirits and creatures roam free.

Other frightening “Scare Zones” create HHN scares for park goers. Dead Man’s Wharf brings to life the hideous dead that vanished in the fishing boat, Annabel Lee, and come back to seek revenge on the anniversary of the boat’s disappearance. Vamp ’55 brings to life a 1955 High School Homecoming Parade hijacked by vampire greasers. A Chance In Hell brings to life the bitter Chance who will kill anyone who stands in her way.

HHN Shows

Halloween Horror Nights includes live performances. These shows include Academy of Villains: House of Fear. Dance and specialty acts dramatize the Shadybrook asylum riot. HHN also features the hilarious Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween 2016 Adventure.

The Repository

Park patrons can enjoy the virtual reality experience at The Repository, a century old warehouse filled with mysterious artifacts. This HHN event is currently open from September 29 through Halloween. Visitors can enjoy a frightful virtual experience roaming through multiple rooms of the haunted repository with the “highest tech” supernatural and paranormal devices.

The Rides

HHN Halloween Horror Nights
HHN Halloween Horror Nights

What would the HHN experience be without the thrill rides of Universal Studio’s park. Park goers can experience the adventure of the park’s rides to increase an adrenalin rush heightened by the fear and anxiety of the HHN event’s “scareactors'” performances. The whole Halloween Horror Nights experience is increased with exciting rides like Transformers 3D, Hollywood Rip It Rockit, Revenge of the Mummy, Men In Black: Alien Attack, The Simpsons Ride, and Harry Potter and the Escape From Gringotts.

HHN in Singapore

The Halloween Horror Nights Singapore event takes fear and disgust to new levels. The park features 5 haunted houses including Old Changi Hospital and an old Chinese Inn. The Old Changi Hospital features piles of dead “bodies” with a stench making the experience feel real. There is also a Salam With house and “Scare Zones” that include a Suicide Forest and homage to Mexico’s March of the Dead.

HHN in Japan

Japan has long been a leader in creating frightening art and cinema. Folk tales and ancient stories filled with religion and superstition fill Japan’s culture of horror. Universal Studios HHN (Halloween Horror Nights) event in Japan includes the most frightening horror hits such as Nightmare on Elm Street, Chucky and The Exorcist mixed with Japanese Culture. A highlight of Japan’s HHN is the “J-Horror” zone. Even before entering the zone, the path is lined with columns allegedly filled with human bodies buried alive in sacrificial ceremonies. Thick fog encompasses a haunted maze before entering the most frightening

“J-Horror” zone

Universal Studios created its theme parks to showcase its movies and movie technology. With the growth of virtual reality, the park grew more and more popular. Halloween is a great time for a theme park to showcase its events and rides that will thrill and elate visitors to world’s Universal Studio parks. Halloween Horror Nights is the perfect time for the parks to show off the adventure and increase its visitors fear and adrenaline with its rides and frightening spectacles. The event is as popular as ever with thrill seekers.

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