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Jolie and Pitt Sell Their Home in New Orleans

Jolie and Pitt divorce is surely one of the most publicized divorce we have seen in years. The former couple have now sold their home in New Orleans. Set Entertainment has come to know that the mansion was sold for almost $ 4.9 million.

Just to let you know this mansion was bought by Jolie and Pitt back in 2007. Back then they purchased it for $3.5 million. It was the time when the former couple founded the Make It Right Foundation.

Jolie and Pitt
Jolie and Pitt Sell Their Home

It was all done in the wake of the Hurricane Katrina. Moreover their charitable foundation was made to help in real estate development of the region. Specifically the focus was on the Lower 9th Ward of the city.

Jolie and Pitt Sell Their Home- About the Property

The mansion was three stories and its area was over 7500 square feet. It was a beautifully maintained property having 5 bedrooms, two half bathrooms and three full bathrooms. It is from the era of 1830s.

Jolie and Pitt Divorce Case

Jolie and Pitt have been together with each other since 2004. But back in September, a divorce was filed by Jolie from Brad Pitt. At the moment she is trying to seek physical custody of their children.

It also surfaced that during this depressing time Pitt was living alone. He was staying at George Clooney’s house. Moreover his old friend Clooney was spending quality time with his mate.

During all this Brad Pitt also visited his children once. The children are currently staying with Angelina Jolie. Brad Pitt enjoyed the time with his children. It was also being said that the children were begging the ex-pair to reunite.

Now as the couple have sold off one of their properties, maybe there will be more to come. Let us see if they sell any other of their property in near future.

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