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Most Authentic Reasons to Hate Justin Beiber

He really doesn’t cares whether you hate him or follow him, because he is the richest American teenager in the domain of singing. If you are not a fan, or if you are even, it would be really interesting for you to figure out that what makes Justin Beiber a debate for the matter of like or dislike. We have compiled a survey for our readers, jotting down the opinion of a mass audience that what about Beiber bothers them so much that they literally hate them. Here is a quick list of reasons that might are at the back you hating him so much.

Justin Beiber
Justin Beiber

Beiber Can’t Sing Can He?

Though his Baby, baby oh Baby was all a hit, the real music lovers cannot keep loving the girtish voice more than a single track knowing that the singer is a Male. He can truly not do justice to the manly songs.

Justin Beiber is a Criticizer to Metallica

You, as an audience expect your favorite celebrities to be down to earth respectful to the media industry you belong to. That is not the case with Justin. He has been criticizing he great big brands like Metal and Metallica. How could he, is a good question!

Criticizer to Beatles

If you have any sense of Western Music, you know what Beatles is all about It is all quality music and Justin Beiber has gone far beyond criticizing it too, ultimately, Beatles fans hate him.

Feminine Look

Having a love story all hit with Selena, Justin still looks like a girl himself. What more to be said on this?

Why authentic reasons to Hate Justin Beiber

Disgracing Ann Frank

Justin has once disgraced Ann in that has pissed of her fans to the great deal.
Comparing himself with Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain is a Legend and Beiber is really hot even eligible to think about comparing him with Cobain

Being Compared to Michael Jackson

Ok, don’t be aggressive, But yes, his fans went so far in praising him that actually raised questions on Michael Jackon He has to be hated.

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