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Justin Timberlake’s Selfie-Behind the Bars Case

Justin Timberlake’s selfie while casting vote Landed him in hot water. The star singer could have been going to jail for not abiding by the rules two weeks before the election.
Exclusive: Justin Timberlake’s selfie is not a bigger issue that would lead him into trouble. Shelby County District Atty. Gen. Amy Weirich told us in the statement that, “The statement about the investigation and Justin Timberlake released by my office was not right given earlier today. It was incorrect and was not to my knowledge.”

Justin Timberlake's selfie
Justin Timberlake’s selfie

Justin Timberlake’s selfie while casting vote was meant for something good…

He said, “Due to a conference, I am out of the town right now. This matter is not being followed by any of my office persons and no one is investigating this issue. And neither, with the use of the limited resources, we are going to do so.” Justin Timberlake is on the vote rocking (and boat) in Memphis. Just two weeks are left for the millions of the United States people to cast their votes for the next Presidential elections. People from different races would be casting their votes for the President of the US. Amid the hot political situations, this “Suit and Tie” superstar made the decision to post a selfie on social media from the Tennessee polling place. Yes, it was Justin Timberlake’s selfie.


Jail for 30-days and $50 fine!!!

While he might be of the view to get people out of their homes and particularly encouraging his fans to go for the vote this time, Tennessee law does not allow voters to capture the photo of any kind inside voting booths. In fact, the violators or offenders could be sent to face the jail for 30-days and $50 fine.This process is under review for the incidence and will take an unknown duration of time to complete the process according to Shelby County Dis. Atty. Office. And there might be nothing as a result of this story.

Vote and get out for it! ExerciseYourRightToVote….

Justin Timberlake's selfie
Justin Timberlake’s selfie

The original post that was the cause of this all mess was just motivated to show the importance of your vocals.
His selfie was captioned as, “Hey you, Yeah You! I just left for Memphis from Los Angeles to ROCKTHEVOTE!!!”. Further, “There could also start early voting if November 8th is not final. My good people, Therefore, no excuse.”
He further said, “We cannot hear you without the voice. So, choose to have a beautiful voice. Vote and get out for it! ExerciseYourRightToVote.”

TMZ first reported the selfie that is under review….

Just and his better half Jessica Biel hosted a fundraiser with many famous people back in August for Hillary Clinton. During a Hillary Victory Fund event, important guests were also there. And there Jennifer Meyer, Jamie Foxx, and Jennifer Aniston were also able to go to lunch with the Loss Angeles Democratic presidential nominee.
Jessica moved to Instagram after having an enjoying time in the photo booth with her hubby and the previous First Lady and wrote “Look who is here for lunch… IAmWithHer.”
Justin Further added, “Look who is here for lunch… wow…. IAmWithHer.”
TMZ first reported the Justin Timberlake‘s selfie that is under review.

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