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Kardashian and West – Not Appearing In 2016

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Cancelling All of the Public Engagements For the Rest Of 2016

According to new report December 5, Kardashian and West, after a harrowing year of emotional drama, are going to clear their calendar for some much-needed time off. After Kim’s deadly Paris robbery and Kanye’s alleged breakdown, the couple is reportedly planning on taking the rest of 2016 off. Get the details.

Kardashian and West
Kardashian and West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are not doing any of the public appearances for the rest of the year 2016. After the horrifying Kim’s Parris robbery and a reportedly “psychotic breakdown” and 8-day hospitalization of Kanye West, they could plan on spending the rest of 2016 with family and taking the rest of 2016 off. The famous family is allegedly going to take time off to be with their kids Saint, 1 and North, 3. Wow.


Paramedics Described “Psychotic Emergency”

As for the latest on Kanye’s condition, he is pretty much ‘stable now, but requires some more time to come back according to the source. This comes after his personal physician, Dr. Michael Farzam reportedly placed him under the hold of 5150 reportedly after the erratic behavior and he spent more than a week at UCLA Medical Center. Paramedics were describing the situation as “psychotic emergency.”

So, when they are going to make a triumphant return? We are not exactly sure about that, but 2017 is looking is seeming pretty promising. They are claiming that the couple will be spending most of their time with the children until the New year. So we could possibly see them as soon as January.

Kardashian and West – Appearance in VMAs, The Grammys, & BET Awards

Kardashian and West
Kardashian and West

However, we might have not to wait that long. “Closer to holidays, Kim is looking to coming back on social media on a more regular basis, according to the source EXCLUSIVELY! The reality star is wanting to spend the holiday time with family and sharing it with her fans. And Not to mention, We’re so excited. Although he is taking some much-needed time to recover, he will most likely be appearing at the show like the VMAs, The Grammys, or BET Awards, that is only possible of course “once he gets better.” After being released from the medical center on Nov. 30, Yeezy is at his home with family right now. An insider told the Daily Mail, Dec, 4, that “He’s happy with his family and to be home and is doing fine resting all the day.” We hope that all the R&R are being delivered to him to recover.

He Was Allegedly Distraught After Her Hubby’s Upsetting Robbery

For extreme exhaustion and sleep deprivation, the rapper had to go to the hospital on Nov. 21. Many said that he was allegedly distraught after her hubby’s upsetting robbery. And other claimed that he was working endlessly without sleep. He also suffered from “psychotic breakdown” as some claim. This altered her mental state leaving him confused about what was real and what was not. However, the truth behind his hospitalization is still unknown right now. ‘The rapper was admitted to hospital for mental breakdown’ like multiple reports are not confirmed reports, Let Us Remind You. There has also been no verification that he was suffering from mental illness. That’s it from Kardashian and West, continue visiting for more updates.


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