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Kardashians and Chyna – Name Trademarking War

Kards Companies Don’t Want Their Famous Name To Be Trademarked By Blac Chyna

Kardashians and Chyna: To commercially use their last name, Khloe, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian attempt to block Blac Chyna’s trademark. They are going to war with her over the most tightly held asset. And that asset is actually the brand name ‘Kardashian’. Blac Chyna may not be getting the permission of using the future Kardashian name for profit after all.

Kardashians and Chyna
Kardashians and Chyna

The Rob Kardashian and BlacChyna  just gave birth to their first child in May. And Chyna wanted their company named Lashed LLC. to trademark ‘Angela Renée Kardashian,’ what will become her married name. So, on behalf of her company, she filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark office. For entertainment and advertising services, such as movie, TV and promotional appearances, she would have the sole right to use that name. And this will only be possible if her filing case takes her side.


Sisters Have Taken Step and Made It Clear That They Are Not Letting Her Cash In…

However, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian, sisters of Rob, are not happy with this step of his hubby. The sisters have taken the step and made it clear that they are not letting her cash in. And they will not let her cede control of their world famous brand. Attorneys for trio’s corporations Kimsaprinces Inc., 2Die4Kourt, and Khloemoney Inc., to formally oppose her registration, filed papers, to trademark her married future name.

Kardashians and Chyna
Kardashians and Chyna

All of the names of Kardashian sisters are trademarked. The attorneys are of the view that if her request is granted the companies will each be “facing intense injury and severe damage, to their repute and goodwill” according to the documents. According to a family source who detailed E! News that “if anyone tries to trademark ‘Kardashian,’ their trademark attorneys oppose them automatically. Even the gals were aware of this fact, I doubt.” “It’s just business. Everyone loves each other,” further detailed that source.

Kardashians and Chyna Are Actually Fighting…

The filing of  sisters’ companies states that they are “controlling and owning the rights related trademarks, ‘Kardashian’ brand and services marks.” They are of the view that they have “spent, a substantial amount of money, resources and time in advertising, protecting and promoting the marks of ‘Kardashian’ and continue to invest.” Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe’s companies are accusing Blac Chyna’s of trying to obtain benefit from the repute and quality, deliberately, of their “Kardashian” brand. So, they say that her future name registration will be having damaging effects. This action will deceive their customers. It will also cause mistakes and confusion. No response has come from Blac Chyna’s filing yet. The case could also go to trial and she has until January 10 to due so. So, Kardashians and Chyna are actually in a fight now, let’s see who wins?

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