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Kardashian’s Jewellery Found- Police Get a Lead

There has been a latest development in the Kardashian’s Paris robbery case. The news that came from Paris is that Kardashian’s jewellery found by the police authorities there.

Kardashian's jewellery found
Kardashian’s jewellery found

Not all the jewellery has been recovered, only a Platinum mounted diamond cross, which was made by Jacob and Co. Initially it was confirmed that the robbers took away 13 items. It included a 4 million dollar diamond also. Sources told Set Entertainment that this pendent now found is worth $33,180 in the market. The picture below is of a pendent similar to the one found in Paris.

Kardashian's jewellery found
Similar Pendant

Actually the robbers could have mistakenly dropped it while escaping. The pendent was found by a pedestrian, who later reported the police. Though the worth of this pendent might not be that much as compared to other things in the jewellery box. But actually it could be a turning point at this stage. In addition the police are going to get the finger prints on the pendent tested.

Set Entertainment tried to reach out to Kim Kardashian for her comment on the news of Kardashian’s jewellery found. She refrained from commenting. Sill many fans believe that this could be an insider job. As on the time of robbery her body guard Pascal Duvier was not around. If the police can take some lead from here, it could very well take curtains off a lot of speculations.

Kardashian’s jewellery found- Conclusion

All of us might have thought that the robbery was perfectly planned. But actually it turned out to be opposite. The robbers were unable to make a clean walkaway. Moreover the diamond pendent which has been found can be a turning point in this whole case. It could give some potential information to the police authorities in identifying and tracking the robbers. Well let us see where this case is headed.

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