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Katrina Kaif to Star in Don 3

Katrina Kaif in Don 3

Katrina Kaif in Don 3
Katrina Kaif in Don 3

Katrina Kaif started her career in Bollywood with a bang and gave hits every year. Though her latest movie Phantom failed to impress everyone and failed badly at the box office, Katrina Kaif is still working very hard to keep up with the success she earned in her initial glorious days. For this purpose, Katrina Kaif is trying hard to get leading role of the movie Don 3 against Shahrukh Khan after kicking Priyanka Chopra out of it. If Katrina Kaif accomplishes to get this role, it might prove to be good comeback for her.

Don franchise has been one of the most anticipated one for Bollywood lovers and fans of Shahrukh Khan are eagerly waiting for the release of Don 3 as well. There is absolutely nothing to not like these sequels. The songs are good, the movie line, casting and representations of Don Sequels are all amazing.

This is the chief reason why all the leading ladies of Bollywood want to work in this film. Katrina Kaif is currently busy promoting her movie Fittor staring Aditya Roy Kapoor with her plus she is also working in Kabir Khan’s net blockbuster movie but she is very thrilled to be a part of Don franchise and is trying to make it the talk of the town since its beginning.

Previously starred actress Priyanka Chopra will not be returning in the movie as Junglee Billi but according to people close to the projects there are many names that are under investigation among which Katrina Kaif’s name is on top. Though official announcements is still to be made but the word remains the name that Katrina Kaif is now being considered in place of Priyanka Chopra for which she is already in talks with the director of the movie Farhan Akhtar.

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