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Kelly Clarkson Doesn’t Desire Any More Kids

Kelly Clarkson Doesn’t Desire Any More Kids..

Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson

During her maternity leave, Kelly Clarkson has been pretty much busy. Set Entertainment caught up the singer, 34, on Tuesday in New York City where she was busy promoting her book on children the Magical Lullaby and River Rose. Kelly had a lot of time after giving birth to her son, Remington Alexander Blackstock, five months earlier. And the book series was actually inspired by her daughter, River Rose Blackstock.

Giving Title to the Book and Children was Equally EASY!!

It turns out that giving her book a title was easy – probably as easy as her children got their names. So, what was the procedure for the selection of such unique names for their children that she and her hubby Brandon Blackstock followed?

Kelly Clarkson American Idol winner said humorously “My husband and me, live on a river, so we are very much original with that”. Kelly said, in all seriousness “ “I like androgynous things and we thought it was a good name, so I decided that it could be used for both boy or a girl.”

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River Rose is the sweetest thing Ever…

Kelly Clarkson and River Rose
Kelly Clarkson and River Rose

Kelly revealed that her friends named Remy. “I was not even pregnant at that time and we were having lunch. I was like, Man, we would want an R name if we have another child. My assistant and nanny vociferated ‘Remington!’ and we were like ‘wow’. Because Remy and Remington don’t really fit, we call him Remy B. He is most super kind of chill dude ever. Because our two-year-old daughter rules the home, he kind of has to be.

Indeed she does. River Rose is the sweetest thing. According to Kelly, opposite of chill is mini-me to her. And she is 100% me all the time.

I didn’t grow up with my brothers and sisters..

Kelly Clarkson further said that she is just 2 and she is able to go to the awful thing from the sweetest thing. You need to not be a demon, it is like.

Since Remy B.’s Birth, life was going at warp speed. “The difference between having two kids and having one kid is gigantic, and then even bigger one is there: We have, as well, two older ones,” Kelly says, pointing to the kids from her hubby’s previous marriage. “A lot of times, we will have 4-kids in one house – but it is good. It’s like awesome and amazing at 99%. It’s a big family. I didn’t grow up with my brothers and sisters.”

So, Brandon and Kelly want more kids? “No! unless someone gives us their kids after dying or something, no” the Singer said. “Because I had poor pregnancies, that is why.”

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