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Kendall Jenner Stalked- Latest Development

In the Kendall Jenner stalked case, the supermodel has been granted a restraining order against a person. You might be familiar that this person is accused of stalking heron the driveway. Moreover he repeatedly knocked on the car’s window at Hollywood Hill in the past August.

Kendall Jenner Stalked
Kendall Jenner Stalked

The reality TV star testified against Shavaughn McKenzie for about 50 minutes. McKenzie was arrested outside the house of Kendall Jenner on 14 August. He was charged with trespassing and misdemeanour. It is said by our sources that he could face up to 6 months in jail if he gets convicted.

While testifying Kendall Jenner was seen wearing a backless beige blouse along with jeans. She said in the court that she had been terribly frightened due to the incident.

Kendall Jenner Stalked
Kendall Jenner Stalked

Kendall Jenner Stalked- Court Proceedings

While in the court, she said that she found McKenzie in front of her house when she can back. She added that he tucked his head in his knees. The supermodel drove around and the gate closed. She was terrified to see him in the driver’s side mirror. She screamed and asked, “Who are you?” while McKenzie kept on staring at her. She rolled her window a bit and asked him to leave.

According to Kendall Jenner, at this point McKenzie freaked out. He also started hitting the windows of her car. She then called a family friend, named Shelli Azoff, after pulling out of the drive way.
Well it is worth mentioning here that McKenzie did not show any emotion during the proceedings. While Azoff along with her husband testified to the court that they rushed to Jenner’s house to help.

Kendall Jenner Stalked
Kendall Jenner Stalked

Kendell Jenner was terribly shaken due to the event and stayed at Azoff’s house for some days. Now as Jenner has got restraining orders for five years, McKenzie is bound to stay 100 yards away from the home, car and Jenner herself. In the court a defese attorney said that McKenzie had some mental disorder and was just trying to meet the superstar. He added that McKenzie was also unarmed.

Now as she has got restraining order from court against McKenzie, let us see what happened next in Kendall Jenner Stalked Case.

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