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Kim Kardashian Could Lose $1 M per Month

 Kim Kardashian Could lose $1 M per month or more after the Paris robbery. This could happen if she continuous not posting on social media and suspending all commitments. This decision could cost her in millions.

Kim Kardashian could lose $1 M per month
Kim Kardashian with Bodyguard

Kim Kardashian has retreated intentionally from the social media after some intruders bound her, gagged and robbed of at gunpoint around $11 million worth of her jewelry in the Blank Address Hotel room in Paris. She has stopped going online at all. Experts are of the view that this decision could cost her immensely in short-term. But she can make a mega back in capitalizing if made correctly.

Kardashian’s overall brand is making $1 million a month by just general posts…

Samuel Rad, Kim Kardashian’s financial adviser says that Kardashian’s overall brand is making $1 million a month by just general posts. Without the appearances in the special events where she is able to make $200,000 to $300,000. Rad also discloses that even the non-ad-related piece of overall brand of Kim worth $20,000 as per his estimate.

Rad tells that although she is losing $1million a month. There could be long-term benefits of not appearing on social media. “This will lead to a big-time moneymaker  on social media after a while,” says Rad. This way Kim Kardashian could lose $1 M per month on her security measures.

Rad reveals, “People are waiting to hear from Kim and she can have a big-time blockbuster if she returns properly.”

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At the present Kardashian is shelling out more in addition to the loss of her earnings from social media. After the situation that occurred there in Paris hotel Kim’s husband Kanye West will be enhancing the security measures for her wife according to the sources.

Kim Kardashian Could Lose $1 M per Month after Robbery

kim kardashian could lose $1 M per month
Kim Kardashian 

Following the intrusion, shelling out on the security measures is increased ten-folds according to LaSorsa and Associate security consultant.
He discloses of Kim’s up going physical protection. Now there will be a handful of guys full-time around her as well as residential security. They are not going to leave the gaps existence anymore.
Pascal Duvier is bodyguard according to LaSora who is earning the base income of $150,000 to $200,000. After adding the additional security, the starting income of Pascal Duvier would be $80,000-$120,000. In addition to the close personal protection around the clock. She is going to have two to four furthermore individuals as well according to LaSora. While traveling, she will be hiring more security up to eight individuals.

She wants to stay at home with kids

Another source confirmed that “Things are not coming back to normal and she is upset still.” She wants to stay at home with kids. Kim Kardashian is not only concerned with her security but also worried about their kids. She is not going to allow them to get out of sight. Well, these are some of the major reasons why she is scary and cautious about her and family.

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