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Kim Kardashian Wont Flaunt Her Wealth after Robbery

It has been a couple of days since the showbiz celebrity Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris Hotel. The memories of Kim Kardashian flaunting her wealth not long ago on social media might be still fresh. But now after feeling the gun to her head, for Kim Kardashian things have changed. Now from the recent news it seems that Kim Kardashian wont flaunt her wealth anymore.

Kim Kardashian Wont Flaunt Her Wealth
Kim Kardashian Wont Flaunt Her Wealth

It was not long ago that Kim Kardashian posted her pictures with her latest $4.5 million diamond ring. Though the ring was gifted by her boyfriend Kayne West. But it sparked tremendous outrage from critics as well as among many fans of her over this flaunt of wealth. This was not the first time she flaunted her wealth. There is a long history behind her tremendous flaunt of wealth. Moreover Kim Kardashian was also wearing the ring on the night she was robbed at gun point. This became evident from a Snapchat video which was shot by her before the robbery.

Kim Kardashian wont Flaunt Her Wealth on Social Media

The armed robbery which Kim Kardashian experienced turned out to be a traumatic experience for her. 5 robbers came to her apartment as police and she was robbed of her jewellery box and the famous ring which she flaunted. After being robbed she was handcuffed and her mouth was taped. She was also thrown into her bathroom. 1But taking the gun to the head changed her perspective of life. Reportedly material wealth now means nothing for Kim Kardashian. Moreover she also said that it is not all about the money and it is not worth it. It is also informed by close sources of Set Entertainment that she now agrees with critics who said that her display of wealth on social media was the cause of the robbery. Our sources have also told that she now is also reluctant to promote her fashion line on social media.

Kim Kardashian Wont Flaunt Her Wealth
The famous ring of Kim Kardashian

You might also be aware of the personal guard of Kim, Steve Stanulis who was fired by Kayne West. Kayne fired him for flirting. Steve Stanulis also hopped in the matter recently. As the news came out that Kim Kardashian wont flaunt her wealth anymore, he appeared for an interview. In the interview he said that it is impossible for her to stop displaying her wealth. Moreover he said that she simply cannot keep away from flaunting lifestyle especially on social media. He also suggested that it is karma due to which she got robbed.

What to Expect in Future

It is evident from the recent happenings that Kim Kardashian is rocked to her core. As vowed Kim Kardashian wont flaunt her wealth anymore. She has also taken a month off from work after the robbery to re-evaluate her flaunt of wealth. But it is worth mentioning that she has also made many claims in the past. Many of them were never fulfilled. Let’s see how the events turn out this time after taking a gun to the head.

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