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All I Want for Christmas | 8 Facts About Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas – 8 Craziest Facts You Should Check Out

Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey

Finally, the holiday season is here. And as a matter of fact, to celebrate the best of both worlds, looking back at All I Want for Christmas by Mariah Carey is the only best option available.
MiMi’s holiday classic has completely the same meanings as the most wonderful time of the year, and after first hitting the airwaves, even more. Without the familiar jingle, it is difficult to find a single Christmas playlist. But there is a story behind every musical masterpiece and that story is particularly important when it involves Mariah.
So, grab a hot chocolate mug, light up the fireplace and check out the 8 craziest facts about the “All I Want for Christmas” that you’ll be whipping out at the office party of the holiday:

1. Speedy Songwriter

According to the Walter Afanasief – co-songwriter and hit’s producer, this All I Want for Christmas was entirely written in just 15 minutes! In summer of 1994, when Mariah Carey recorded the song, she decked out the entire studio with Christmas trees and holiday decorations and pulled out all the stops reportedly, because she definitely did it.


2. Gift That Keeps on Giving

Mariah’s estimated earning of the song was $50 million in royalties alone, thanks to All I Want for Christmas. In music history, It is her Eleventh best-selling single and her biggest international song, not to mention. For one of the pop’s most beloved icons, all in a day’s work.

3. Goats Love Mariah, too

Mariah Carey is the only one that all goats want for Christmas, but can we even blame them? An English farmer made his discovery that her goats produced 20 percent more milk every day when, on a loop, he played holiday classic for his goats. LOL!

4. Rare Stamp of Approval

Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey

Giving up rights to her music is not common for Carey, but for that little ‘ol movie Love Actually, she made a special exception. “She liked the actress and she also liked the script, and she had a particular fondness for the movie. I am pretty much sure that she thought, ‘it’s right time, it’s is a young girl,” according to Afanasief talking about the mother-of-two.

5. Dethroned by an Indie Band

In 2015, Mariah endured a small bump admittedly when The Shins were beating All I Want for Christmas for the most-played seasonal, their cover of “Wonderful Christmas.”

6. No Instruments Needed

“All I Want for Christmas” is not even a single musical instrument, hard to believe. All those jangles and jingles were recorded originally by a live band. But were traded and scrapped later for computer programmed sound completely. All ears are on Carey’s stellar high notes, not that it’s noticeable really.

7. Third Time’s a Charm

There is not only one accompanying music video but three, All I Want for Christmas is such a grand hit. Mariah stars in a black and white, 1960s-esque iteration and then for a collaboration with Justin Bieber, she reprised her Yuletide spirit in 2011, aside from the first home-video inspired visual. They’ve raked in more than 315 million views, all in all.

8. Best Day of the Year for Mariah Carey

With absolutely zero shame, ever wonder when it is the most socially acceptable to begin blaring All I Want for Christmas. Well, thanks to the trusty Twitter user. He pointed out that Mariah’s jam faces a major uptick in listens on YouTube on Nov. 2. Safe to say that it’s totally fine with the music lovers to skip thanksgiving all together and moving straight for Christmas.


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