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Movies Rejected Shah Rukh Khan

Movies Rejected by Shah Rukh Khan

Movies Rejected by shah rukh khan, who does not want to work with Shah Rukh Khan? Everyone just wants to work with him, but the possibility is not many, he prefers to work only with close druzmi. And did you know that Shah Rukh was the first person chosen Vidhi Vinod Chopra for his «Munnabhai»? But Rakesh Roshan was planning to make the first invitation to him in «Kaho Na Pyaar Hai»? Shah Rukh have been personal reasons for it to reject some films that became cult classics of Indian cinema.

Movies Rejected Shah Rukh Khan
Movies Rejected Shah Rukh Khan

“Kaho Na Pyaar Hai” – Khan was the first to Rakesh Roshan chose painting «Kaho Na Pyaar Hai» after the failure at the box office of the film «Koyla». When failure was obvious, Rakesh Roshan gave that role to his son Hrithik. The painting was created in the history of box-office and has received numerous awards, namely, Hrithik had won all the awards for best male performance of the role that year.

“Lagaan” – Ashutosh Gowariker first offered to star in this film, Aamir, who desire to participate in it was not. Then he made an offer to Shah Rukh that he, too, refused. Gowariker did not give up and still he managed to convince Aamir and get his consent, and the rest belongs to the historical facts. “Lagaan” is still the only Oscar-nominated film in Hindi for the last two decades.

Movies Rejected Shah Rukh Khan
Movies Rejected Shah Rukh Khan

“Jodha Akbar” – Not many people know that the plans Ashutosha Gowariker was to invite Shah Rukh in «Jodha Akbar» when it failed «Swades». There are witnesses who say that Shah Rukh is not suitable schedule and the fact that full-scale survey had to be done on the road, while Shah Rukh had other plans – to spend time with their children during their holidays.

“Munnabhai MBBS” – I guess it is difficult to imagine that the symbolic role in this film could play someone besides Sanjay Dutt. But Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Rajkumar Hirani wanted to get in his film is Shah Rukh Khan. Initially, it was planned that the role of Zahir had to play Sanjay Dutt, but eventually she got Jimmy Shergillu. Very interesting, as it were, in the main Role in «Munnabhai» Shahrukh looked?

” Rang De Basanti ” – is a classic picture of Rakesh Mehra Omprakasha, the role of which was first offered Shahrukh Khan, but she was not interested.

“Three Idiots” – Rajkumar Hirani When undertook the adaptation of the book «Five Point Someone», Chetan Bhagat, it was the desire to Shah Rukh played in this picture of the role, which he later invited Aamir. This film, and today remains one of the highest-grossing films in the history of Indian cinema.
“Robot” – the director of Shankhar Tamilla just dreamed that he would be able to invite Shah Rukh for this role, but it is, after all, was played Rajnikant in Tamil. Paintings «Enthiran» was also created history in the box-office, and she has earned nearly 375 crores worldwide!

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