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Paris Jackson Rolling Stone Interview: 9 Shocking Revelations

Paris Jackson Rolling Stone Interview: Reveals Sexual Assault, Suicide Attempts, Claims Michael Jackson was Murdered

Michael Jackson lovingly crooned in his 1995 ballad, “You are not alone.” But at the age of 50, his sudden death in 2009, his daughter struggled often to believe his lyrics. The late King of Pop’s only daughter Paris Jackson, 18, opens up about the learning the skill to cope with depression, in search of justice for her father and defending his legacy. His first-ever in-depth interview was featured in the new issue of Rolling Stone.

Paris Jackson Rolling Stone
Paris Jackson Rolling Stone

This beauty, who is dating with 26-year-old Michael Snoddy, a drummer by profession, tell the magazine that “They always say, ‘Time heals.’” You are only left to get used to it. I am living my life with the mentality of, ‘Ok, the only thing that has ever been important to me, I have lost it.’ So, moving ahead, when anything bad happens, that can’t be nearly as bad as what happened earlier. So, I can handle the situations.”

Paris Jackson Rolling Stone Interview tells a lot more. Following are the 9 most shocking revelations from her bombshell interview.

1. Growing up on the Neverland ranch was, well, awesome

The 2,700-acre, California estate featured a zoo, movie theater, amusement park and the Paris’s most special, Michael Jackson. She recalls, “His name was Dad, Daddy, I just thought. We didn’t really know well who he was. But he was the world for us and we were his.” During seven years spent on the ranch, she was nearly clueless about his global fame. The trio preferred being homeschooled, though Michael offered Paris and her brothers Blanket, 14, and Prince Michael, 19, to join a typical school like other kids. The model says, “when your dad is at home, who you love more than anything in the world, and then he occasionally comes in, during the class, and it’s like, ‘Cool, no more class for today.’ We will be hanging out with dad today. We were like, we’ve got Disney Channel and you, we don’t need friends.”

But, alas, at Michael’s ranch, rules still existed. In Paris Jackson Rolling Stone interview she tells, “we are not allowed to go on the rides on our own will. We were going through a normal life. Such as we had to be good at school every single day. And if we are good, we had the options that we are going to see the animals or going to the theater or whatever. But, if your behavior is not good, you wouldn’t be getting to go all these things.”


2. Michael taught tolerance and acceptance

At 8, Paris concluded that she “was in love with this female on the magazine,” without getting into more specifics, she recalls to Rolling Stone. She says, “like most homophobic parents, instead of yelling at me, he made fun of me like, ‘Oh you got a girlfriend yourself.” Paris says, in being blunt with his kids, Michael prided himself: “Education was his number-one focus besides the love for us. And he wasn’t like, Oh, yeah, Columbus came to his land! He told us, ‘No, he f***ing slaughtered the natives.” Paris Jackson Rolling Stone Interview is worth reading.

3. She tried to commit suicide — several times

Paris Jackson Rolling Stone
Paris Jackson Rolling Stone

To escape her drug addiction and overwhelming depression, Paris downed 20 pills of Motrin and slashed her wrists when she was 15, in June 2013. She admits today,” low self-esteem, self-hatred, thinking that I cannot do anything right, not thinking I was living worthy anymore.” She managed to hide it from her family shockingly after cutting herself for years. She attempted suicide, “multiple times” before 2013, she told Us’ sister magazine. But It became public just once.

This self-loathing started after the death of her father in 2009. She then started a private school in seventh grade after being homeschooled until then. Paris didn’t fit in there and found herself hanging out with an older crowd, unfortunately. She reveals, “I was doing a lot of things that of my age at that time should not do. I was trying to grow up too fast and I wasn’t that sort of person.”

She says, “Freedom-of-speech thing is great. But I don’t think that our social media would be so much unpredictable when they created these all stuff and amendments.” After half of junior year in Utah in therapeutic school and spending her sophomore year, “I was actually crazy. But I am an entirely different person at this time. Such as teen angst, I was going through a lot. And without any help, I was dealing with my anxiety and depression.”

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4. She was sexually assaulted

By a complete stranger at just 14 years old. “I don’t want to give too many details,” she reveals. “it was really hard for me and was not a good experience at all, and I didn’t tell anybody at that time.”

5. Paris never questioned her parentage

Michael was not biological dad of the three children according to the reports that surfaced since pop icon’s death. Paris forcefully denies this, that “He is my father.” Debbie Rowe is the mom of Paris. She continued, “He will always be my dad. He will not be and he never wasn’t. People who knew him very well say that they see him in me, that it’s almost scary.” She will never be addressing this topic again after this interview. 
She says, “I consider myself “black.”” She said that her African-American father “would point his finger at me and he’d be like, You’re black. Be proud of your roots.” So, I believe what he told me. Because, he never lied to me, to my knowledge.

6. Still, she didn’t know she had a living mother until she was 10 years old

Paris Jackson Rolling Stone
Paris Jackson Rolling Stone

Paris recalls, “my mom didn’t exist when I was too young.” But then I realized that a man is not able to give birth so I asked him. And ‘he was like ‘yeah’’. Then I asked her name? And he’s like, ‘Debbie,’ and I was like ‘Ok.’
She began researching Rowe after Michael died – Michael famously met her through his dermatologist – online. Paris met her both of the times, when she was 13 and when she was in Utah for treatment. But to guide her, she never sought any maternal figure. Paris admits, “a lot of mother figures I’ve had,” giving the reference to nannies and grandmother. “But it was not a mommy thing when my mother came into my life. It is more of an adult relationship.”

7. She is adamant about her father’s innocence

At around 9 years old, she became aware of a harsh fact. It was that no one saw her dad as she was her flawless superhero. Plagued by the allegation that he molested children sexually – even he was settled out of court – Paris confides “at night, he would cry to me.” But the loss of her dad was not too much of the weight for her to bear. She says, “he didn’t bulls—t us. You provide your kids with the best possible childhood. But are also bound to prepare them for this filthy world.” Paris Jackson Rolling Stone Interview reveals inside information of her.

She has never doubted his father’s innocence knowing him better than anyone else. She tells, “imagine your parent crying to you for something he didn’t do and people leveling false allegations at him. And he was one and the only thing that mattered to me. Because of what the world was doing to him, and to see my entire world in pain, I started hating people. I am like, how can people be so much mean.She continues, “at night before we went to bed, only my brothers and I experienced him reading A Light in the Attic. Has not been a father to anyone so the entire perception of him would be changed totally.


8. Michael was murdered, she insists

Paris Jackson Rolling Stone
Paris Jackson Rolling Stone

Amid his prepping for his massive comeback. Michael on June 25, 2009, was found unconscious in his bed. Later that day, he was pronounced dead at the hospital. From rehearsal, Paris remembers his exhaustion and tells him to take a nap because he looked tired. We’d downstairs in the classroom and see dust falling from the ceiling. Because we used to hear his sounds of stomping while rehearsing upstairs.

The person he points out and who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in her dad’s death was Dr. Conrad Murray. (He gave the anesthetic drug to Michael that he became dependent on.) She says, “AEG Live doesn’t rightly treat their performers.” She said that the brand drain performers and work them to death and she also fears for Justin Bieber. He also works with them. Paris Jackson Rolling Stone interview was much more than our thoughts.

Paris is convinced absolutely that she was murdered. She says that “about people being out, he would drop hints, to get him. And at a point she was like, “they are going to kill me one day. It sounds like a bull—t and a conspiracy theory, but everybody in the family and all real fans are aware of it. It was a step.”
She muses, “it’s a game of chess. And I am playing it rightly. And I can’t talk more about it right now.”

9. She has more than 50 tattoos

Nine are devoted to Michael. He called his only daughter Tinker Bell and saw himself as Peter Pan (thus Neverland!). Near her clavicle, in his honor, she has Trust, Faith, and Pixie Dust inked. In her dad’s handwriting, she has Queen of My Heart on her inner left wrist. This was taken from the letter he wrote her once. 
She says, “He’s brought me joy. So, why not have joy reminders?”
“He’s brought me joy, I have constant reminders of joy?” Paris Jackson Rolling Stone interview ends here. Keep visiting us for more interesting facts about celebrities.


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