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Rihanna and Drake Split Again

In the midst of the dreadful Paris robbery that happened with Kim Kardashian, another heart breaking news has turned out. Multiple sources have confirmed to Set Entertainment that the celebrities Rihanna and Drake split again. Both the celebrities have been dating each other on and off for some years.


Rihanna and Drake first met in 2005 in Canada. Drake even later admitted that he had been in love with her for some time. Moreover the couple had a very good relationship for quite some time. Moreover everyone was reckoning that their relationship is going to solidify with time. There were also news coming out recently that the pair are ready to commit into a lifelong relation.

Rihanna and drake split
Rihanna and Drake Split

There are news coming out that Drake is moving on with another girl. Drake was seen on many occasion with India Love. It is rumored that India Love could prove to be the reason behind Drake turning away from Rihanna.
Set Entertainment has also come to know from sources that Barbadian beauty, Rihanna does not want to be held down. Set Entertainment also reached to the personal representative of Drake. But the representative abstained from commenting at the moment.

Rihanna and drake split
Rihanna and Drake Split

In addition to all of that Rihanna spent her last weekend in Barbados along with her family. On the weekend she also came into spotlight after a troll post on her social media. She posted on the famous social media site, Instagram. In the post she suggested that she had never been the problem in any of her previous relations. Many believe that this post was aimed at mocking Leonardo DiCaprio and Chris Brown. Both of these stars previously dated Rihanna. Some of the critics believe that this could have been aimed at Drake along with previous exes of Rihanna. Therefor some suggest that Drake is hooking with India Love as a reaction to Rihanna’s statement.

Rihanna and Drake Split Again- Conclusion

Recently the relation between Rihanna and Drake seemed to be heading in the right direction. Now the news of the Rihanna and drake split has come at a very odd time. Some fans relate this news to the recent Instagram post of Rihanna. Set Entertainment is trying to get more insider information into this matter. Fans surely loved seeing them together. But keeping in mind all of the circumstances, we can hope that things get better for both Rihanna and Drake.

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