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Russell Wilson and Ciara In Hurry To MarryThis Summer

Russell Wilson In a Hurry To Marry Ciara This Summer Before NFL Season Begins

Russell Wilson and Ciara
Russell Wilson and Ciara

Media and channels were found to be flooded with the news of Russell Wilson and Ciara to get indulged in matrimonial alliance previous morning. To give a brief description about one of the most romantic couple, Wilson is one of the most prominent American football quarterback playing for Seattle Seahawks of National Football League. Ciara Harris, popularly known as Ciara is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, actor and fashion model. It seems as if the couple has got everything to be together looking at their professional and personal lives.

Summer Before NFL Season Begins
Russell Wilson and Ciara

It was in 2015 since when the couple had been dating and finally on 11th march 2016, they revealed their engagement to world. they are found to be phenomenally glad and overwhelmed for their relationship. It seems as if they cant resist to delay their wedding now. For revealing the engagement news, Wilson told the media:

Russell Wilson In a Hurry To Marry Ciara This Summer
Russell Wilson and Ciara

“She said yes! Yeah! Making this thing happen. My baby.”

His level of excitement got another direction when he told the media to get married with his love angel Ciara soon in the summer of 2016. He has remarked that he wants things to get done by June or July. The first stance that anybody could make through this decision is that the Prince is no longer in a mood to wait for the wedding and make Ciara his Princess. That might be one of the facts since the couple has decided to not go in an intimate relationship before getting married. This love story truly justifies their hurry to get married as soon as possible.

But a very practical and genuine reason behind this decision is commencement of NFL. Russell knows that he will have to give complete attention to his team Seattle Seahawks once NFL starts. That would definitely put the groom in trouble to wait for the next year if he procrastinates. Well, best wishes for the lovely couple for their wedding day that is right on the way!

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