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Is Selena Gomez The Most Followed Person On Instagram?

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez

When thinking about which celebrity may have the most followers on Instagram or any other social media website, the logical guess of many people would be either Justin Bieber or any one of the Kardashian sisters/ Jenner sisters. But none of them is true because according to latest survey reports, Selena Gomez is number one on Instagram in terms of her fan following. There are about seventy million fans of Selena Gomez on Instagram with their cunt increasing every day. This news came off as a shock for many people and celebrities especially for Taylor Swift as she was leading the social media chart for quite some time now.

According to different critiques, there are two possible reasons for Selena Gomez to have such a huge fan following on Instagram. First reason could be her on again off again relationship with Justin Bieber as her fans would definitely want to know the details about their current relationship, other reason could be her friendship with Taylor swift due to which many people got attracted towards her and started following and liking her posts on Instagram daily. When talking about her work, Selena has been working on different ventures except singing and releasing her albums.

She is currently working on regular basis with many organizations for charitable reasons, and has most particularly operated with UNICEF for more than a few years. She has also fashioned her own production corporation called as July Moon Productions and is also working for her clothing brand that she has named Dream Out Loud through Kmart. Her brand structures all material that was made from ecological or reprocessed material. All these reasons are enough to raise the fame graph of Selena Gomez as she is celebrating her new triumph with her close friends and family members.

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