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Surprising Hollywood Couples

The Surprising Hollywood Couples

Surprising Hollywood Couples
Surprising Hollywood Couples

Most high schools have an elite clique, the comparatively small group of teens that perch on top of the social pile. Those not lucky enough to be included in their ranks would often watch the inter dating of the small circle, cheering for favorites and viciously tearing apart whoever consensus labeled the villain. After graduation, the social arena becomes much larger, and the elite is, without a doubt, the celebrities gliding down the many red carpets rolled out just for them. Their love lives also hold a great fascination for many, often a result of how surprising it is that the two involved are a couple at all, although that can be either good or bad.

The Sweet Surprising Hollywood Couples

If you had never heard of French singer Stephanie ‘SoKo’ Sokolinski prior to reading her name in recent celebrity news, you can join the company of most Americans that discovered the beautiful brunette as her name was linked to a more familiar name: Kristen Stewart, of the Twilight series. The American actress, 25, has recently been spotted with Sokolinksi, 30, kissing openly on the streets of Paris.

kristen stewart and robert pattinson 2016
kristen stewart and robert pattinson

Many, of course, will conclude that Stewart must be “coming out” and change their mental label of her to “lesbian”. This might seem like the only possible conclusion considering the related facts. Her most highly publicized romantic relationship was with Robert Pattinson, and the giant crowds of screaming tweens that follow him around will tell you he is male, and by changing her gender selection, there will some who will never believe she is not gay.

The need to label sexuality in black and white terms more often is a habit of older generations, while those 30 and younger see sexuality as a spectrum of options, gender being largely irrelevant. The ladies of this couple report to seeing sexuality in this way. No matter how surprised people are by Stewart’s dating of the French singer, any that has also heard or read Sokolinski state frankly how much she loves her girlfriend will make most think this is a welcome, and lovely, surprise.

Surprises Can Be Ugly, Too

The willingness of some people to tolerate poor treatment by their significant other should not come as a surprise to most adults. Women and men both slog through relationships that involve behavior that objectively would be seen as absolutely impossible to tolerate or forgive and this submission to emotional warfare crosses all levels of society, with celebrity ladies and gentlemen foregoing healthy decisions when they believe they are in love.

For an example, look at recent pictures of Iggy Azalea with cheating boyfriend Nick Young. A talented, beautiful young woman, she is visibly miserable, yet walks the red carpet with him anyway.

In the end, love can often result in surprising behavior. The behavior of the people involved determines if the surprise is pleasant or not.

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