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Rihanna and Drake Split Again Hollywood Hollywood celebrities Hollywood Couples Hollywood News 

Rihanna and Drake Split Again

In the midst of the dreadful Paris robbery that happened with Kim Kardashian, another heart breaking news has turned out. Multiple sources have confirmed to Set Entertainment that the celebrities Rihanna and Drake split again. Both the celebrities have been dating each other on and off for some years.   Rihanna and Drake first met in 2005 in Canada. Drake even later... Read More
Rihanna and Drake SPLIT Their Ways Hollywood Hollywood News 

Rihanna and Drake SPLIT Their Ways

Rihanna and Drake SPLIT… According to the latest report, Rihanna and Drake Split their ways after a hot Instagram beauty. In other words, they could not make it work, work, work, work, work, work. The singers have split reportedly, and all the burden falls on Drake. Therefore, Rihanna was not happy and got annoyed after a revelation of alleged relations of Drake... Read More