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Taylor Swift Surprised a Fan- Goes to His Home

Taylor Swift once again got lots of appraisal from her fans. Taylor Swift surprised a fan, a veteran, making his wildest dreams come true this holiday season.

Just a day after the Christmas, the famous singer packed her bags and went over to visit Missouri. Instead of going to one of her friends, she had some other plans. She decided to give a surprise visit to a diehard fan of her, a World Ward 2 veteran.

The 96 years old veteran, Cyrus Porter got this git of a lifetime a day after Christmas. Taylor Swift along with her parents showed up at his house. While there she also performed “Shake It Off” and also met with around 60 other family relatives. She stayed there for more than an hour.

Taylor Swift Surprised a Fan
Taylor Swift Surprises Cyrus

Taylor Swift Surprised a Fan- Reaction

Cyrus was quite amazed and the first thing which he asked to Taylor Swift was that how she got there. Another family member, Caroline Fowler told that Cyrus was ecstatic, he loved every moment and he was also a very proud person that day.

This recent surprise by Taylor Swift came at a special time. A daughter of Cyrus recently passed away. Caroline said that it was a special day for the family and they were pleased to see Cyrus happy.

Taylor Swift Surprised a Fan
Taylor Swift with Cyrus

Many of the family members of Cyrus are not sure about who got this special visit arranged. All they know is that KFVS news recently interviewed him and he expressed his love for Swift. The interview video also went viral, so it is possible that it might have been seen by Taylor. In the interview he said that he went to two concerts and was amazed by how Swift puts up a good show for the crowd.

Surely Taylor Swift surprised a fan, who deserved to meet her the most. She surely made his day and gave him something to remember for lifetime.

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