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US Presidential Elections- Celebrities Perspective

The US presidential elections are coming close and close. With almost just three weeks remaining, people are looking up to influencers, celebrities and leaders to make their decision. Everybody is anxious to know that which celebrity is supporting which US presidential elections candidate. Since the start of the campaigns by the candidates, we have seen many celebrities doing fundraisers for their parties. Moreover the best thing is that the celebrities draw massive attention to the competing candidates.

US Presidential Elections
Trump VS Hillary- US Presidential Elections

Celebrities Supporting Donald Trump

Even though with the recent leaked video of Donald Trump, the support has lessened for Trump. But actually there is a whole list of celebrities that have already endorsed Donald Trump.

US Presidential Elections
Scot Baio for Trump

The first in the list id Scott Baio. He told Fox News that he like Trump and the way he speaks. He also said that the US needs Trump to fix the things.

US Presidential Elections
Antonio Sbabto Jr. for Trump

The reality TV star and former model Antonia Sabato Jr. also supports Trump He said that Trump stands for unity and believes in justice and liberty for all. Regarding the controversial statements of Donald Trump, he has said that none of it is hateful. All of this is the responsibility of government.

US Presidential Elections
Omarosa Manigualt for Trump

Another one on the list is Omarosa Manigualt. She is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump and has also been named as the Director of African-American outreach of Trump. She has been actively supporting Trumps stance on women.
Moreover, Jon Voight, a very famous Hollywood actor has also been supporting Donald Trump. In addition he has also termed him to be the answer to the problems of US. He has at many times said that Donald Trump is an honest person.

Aaron Carter, a famous child star, also voiced for Donald Trump. He said that the US needs a president who is s leader, not a follower, which Donald Trump has already proved.


US Presidential Elections
Mile Tyson for Trump

You might also be surprised here that the famous boxing star Mike Tyson also supports Donald Trump. In the last October of 2015, Mike said that Donald Trump should be the president of the US. Now let us see what is next from him after the release of the leaked controversial tape of Trump.

Celebrities Supporting Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton also has a fair share of Hollywood celebrities supporting her. A lot of them have appeared in her rallies and support her on social media also.

The famous comedian and producer Sarah Silverman supports US Presidential Elections candidate Hillary Clinton. She said in a convention that she will happily vote for Hillary. Previously she supported Barnie Sanders. But as he is out of competition so she is supporting Hillary now.

Meryl Streep, the actress who has been nominated 19 times for Oscar also supports Hillary. She has also said that it would be great, if Hillary becomes the first female president of US.

US Presidential Elections
Lady Gaga for Hillary

The famous singer Lady Gaga also supports Hillary. She posted a picture of her on Instagram in a US flag swimsuit. Moreover in the caption she supported Hillary. The caption also had a remark that nothing can keep a strong woman down.

Lena Durham, a famous actress is also backing Hillary Clinton in the US Presidential Elections. She has also praised Hillary in the past for fighting for the rights of everyone.

US Presidential Elections
George Cooney and Amal for Hillary

The famous Hollywood couple Amal and George Clooney are supporting Hillary. The also did a fundraiser for Hillary in their city, Los Angles in the last April. The money from the fund was donated to Hillary Victor Fund.

Ja Rule, the famous singer also supports Hillary. In the past he has said that he also like Jeb Bush. But as he is a Democrat, so he said that he will stick to Hillary Clinton.

America Ferrera, a famous celebrity also supported Hillary in 2008, when she ran for president. This time she is still supporting Hillary, She said that she believed in her back then and

US Presidential Elections- Conclusion

There is much hype about the US elections on the media and everywhere. The celebrities are also not behind and are backing up their respective candidates. There are also some celebrities who have not yet taken a stance. Such as Kristie Alley, a famous Hollywood star, has not yet taken any stance. But in September, Kristie tweeted that she liked the US Presidential elections candidate, Donald Trump.

All in all, it will surely turn out to be a great competition. Moreover, with the latest leaked video of Donald Trump let’s see how celebrities react to it.

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