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Who is Gemma Styles- Things You Need To Know

Ever wondered who is Gemma Styles?

With the success of One Direction, Harry Styles got huge publicity. Harry Styles has surely made a name for himself. But you might be wondering who is Gemma Styles. Gemma Styles is actually the older sister of Harry Styles. She also got some publicity due to her brother. Gemma Styles is currently 25 years old and is making name for herself. Now she has a huge following on the internet. Even if you have heard her name you might not be completely familiar with her. Here are all the things that you might be interested in knowing.

Who is Gemma Styles
Gemma Styles

1- She is a Journalist and Writer

Gemma Styles has her own blog on the internet. Apart from this she also contributes for to the MTV UK and The Debrief. We also think that she can be a model, if she wished to be!

2- She is an Alumnus of Sheffield Hallam University

Gemma Styles attended the Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School along with Harry Styles. She also receive a First Class Honors Degree. Moreover she also holds the status of a Qualified Teacher in Genetics.

3- She is a Feminist

Gemma Styles has jumped in many matters which were controversial. They include the nude selfies from Kim Kardashian. About the famous bathroom pictures of Kim Kardashian, she wrote that the crux of all the negative reactions is the classical slut-shaming.

4- Gemma has a Boyfriend

Currently Gemma Styles is seen a lot with Michal Mlynowski. Surely she is dating her. Moreover both of them recently attended a wedding on 27 of September. Surely the seem to be a good couple.

Who is Gemma Styles
Gemma Styles

5- Gemma also has Tattoos

Gemma also has some tattoos on her body. The first one is a letter “H”, a palm tree, a robin bird and the letter “A”. Moreover you might also be surprised to know that Harry Styles has tattoos about her. A letter “G” on the arms and also Gemma’s name in Hebrew. Seems to be great!

We hope you might have got your answer to who is Gemma Styles.

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